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Three Mantra Chakra Meditation

$15 USD

You know your chakras need attention when you don’t feel like yourself. Maybe you are feeling angry all the time and you don’t know why. Or you are overwhelmed by anxiety or insecurity. Often this is a sign that our chakras are out of alignment. Mantras are an amazing tool that can help bring us back to balance. I view mantras as things we need to hear but we don’t yet believe.

I will find which chakras need the most focus, and using the tarot, will figure out what mantra is needed for each. I will send you a private video explaining how I got there and why so that you may look back on it as often as you need.If you are familiar with chakras, thats ok! I can walk you through it.

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I use tarot to help guide you to a place of inner healing and growth, whether it’s through answering specific questions you have or creating healing meditations and mantras.

On Core Spirit since May 2020

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$15 USD
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