Natal Chart Astrology Reading

$200 USD
$200 USD

There was a story about you written in the sky at the moment you were born. It is about all the people you could have been, the people you will become.

Not everything in our lives is up to us, but we have choices.

*Where can you shine?

Where are your biggest challenges going to be?

What is your potential?

What lessons were you born to learn?

What is your path of greatest growth?*

These are the kinds of questions we answer in a natal chart reading.

What you do with that potential? That's up to you.

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I’m an astrologer and storyteller. I help witches, Pagans, and magical people become their own astrologers. I was mentored by evolutionary astrologer Paul Richard and studied in Steven Forrest’s apprenticeship program. Before I became an astrologer, I was a fiction writer with an MFA in creative writing. Now, I would like to use my skills as a writer to help you write your life story.

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