Tarot and Oracle Reading

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$30 USD
$30 USD

i invite you to offer yourself the experience of a deep conversation with your Higher Self/Subconscious Mind/Superconscious Mind/ Spirit/Pure Inteligence through a session of tarot and oracle reading

feel free to bring any question or concern to the table and get ready for the answers that you've been seeking for a long time. don't get surprised if the answers differ from your expectations ^.^

much love,

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Brașov, Romania

I have been a practitioner for a very very long time. Studied yoga at the begining of my journey and then moved on to mastering the art of tarot, energy healing and hypnotherapy.

I am a certified hypnotherapist and i have also come out of a sufi esoteric school of energy healing in Turkey.

Travelling has been a major part of my journey as i came across many cultures and experiences along the way. The most profound learning comes from experience and practice. Getting to know people and connecting at a deeper level is what makes a therapist valuable.

One of my most loved teacher and facilitatoris Pema Salem and all in all i lay down in respect at her Being as the most accomplished teacher i have come across.

I hope to serve in the highest way i can and connect with you at the heart level.

On Core Spirit since April 2021

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Joan Wilson2021-05-26 17:30 UTC

Hello! This is very exciting. Do your sessions help to improve mental health? Thanks in advance!

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