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Spiritual Coaching Discovery Session

coaching session
$10 USD
$10 USD

Are you looking to find your own way? Do you long for union with what IS, and to accept things as they really are? Do you want to feel The Presence in your life, and be activated to use it? Do your tried-and-true practices no longer work for you? I have over 10 years experience in Embodied Consciousness Awakening and can facilitate your growth without imposing any belief system on you. Meet me for a Discovery Session to see if my offerings can help you on your path.

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3691 Carolyn Farm Rd, Douglasville, GA 30135, USA

I work with people in an integrated way, as a Registered Dietitian, Interactive Imagery Guide, and Spiritual Coach. I use a non-shaming, gentle approach, and I am trauma-informed, Internal Family Systems informed, and Neurodivergent informed. My nutrition work uses the Intuitive Eating approach. My spiritual coaching flows from non-dual, embodied concsiousness awakening.

On Core Spirit since August 2021

Life Coaching
Laura May
Apr 24, 2024, 13:00
Embodied Consciousness Awakening Session

Are you looking to find your own way? Do you long for union with what IS, and to accept things as they really are? Do you want to feel The Presence in your life, and be activated to use it? Do your tried-and-true practices no longer work for you? I have over 10 years experience in Embodied Consciousness Awakening and can facilitate your growth without imposing any belief system on you.

Life Coaching
Laura May
Apr 24, 2024, 13:00
Spiritual Coaching Discovery Session

Are you looking to find your own way? Do you long for union with what IS, and to accept things as they really are? Do you want to feel The Presence in your life, and be activated to use it? Do your tried-and-true practices no longer work for you? I have over 10 years experience in Embodied Consciousness Awakening and can facilitate your growth without imposing any belief system on you. Meet me for a Discovery Session to see if my offerings can help you on your path.

Nutritional Therapy
Laura May
Apr 24, 2024, 13:00
Nutrition for your Neurodivergent Brain

If you have ADHD or other brain differences you know how challenging it can be to live up to your potential. I can help you gently re-nourish your brain while helping you connect to your intuitive eating wisdom (yes, you do have it!). As a Registered Dieitian with a Master's in Ed Psych and over 30 years of experience with neurodiverse individuals, I can help you reduce anxiety, hyperactivity, fatigue, brain fog, sleep problems and other difficulties.

Sign up for a discovery session to see how individualized nutrition can lead to a happier, more fulfilling life!

*Note: Young people between the ages of 13 and 18 must bring a parent or parents.

Laura May
What Does it Mean to be an Intuitive Eater, and Why Might Your Happiness Depend on it?

**Intuitive eating **is a completely different way to eat - for us postmodern folks that is. People from time immemorial actually did eat intuitively, eating when they were hungry and stopping when they were full. They didn't look at food as bad or good, it was all good if it tasted good and met their needs. For most of human history, mirrors did not exist. Our ancestors walked around not thinking too much about what they looked like. Nowadays we might be concerned that going back to that way of eating would result in obesity. We've been taught that if we don't consciously control and restrict our food we will balloon up. Because we have controlled and restricted our food, food has become an exciting forbidden treat, or a guilt-laden experience. This is where the term guilty pleasure comes from.

Strangely enough, it turns out that the opposite is true. Because of restriction and dieting, the body and the mind rebel. Think about your own experience- how do you feel after being on a diet for some time? What has happened to your best intentions in the past when you've been on a diet? Of course you have rebelled, eaten, even over eaten "bad foods", sometimes even secretly, out of shame. Then I'm guessing you ended up blaming yourself.

It's not strange that we don't trust ourselves around food. We don't trust ourselves at all, in any area. Why do I say that? Because I'm talking about our True Selves, the self that tells us unwelcome truths. The one that tells you you shouldn't be involved with that toxic person or that toxic job. You know the one I mean. Rather, we trust that other inner voice that says "that's not practical, that's not the way the real world works. I have to do this. I have to work in this toxic environment. I have to rush my meals and eat fast food. Bad things will happen if I don't live my life in the way that everyone expects me to. What would my boss say if I take enough time for lunch to eat calmly and let my body renourish itself? What would my children say if I tell them I'm not driving them to soccer/football practice at meal time because it's Meal Time! ?"

I am proposing something radical, but I'm not alone. All the way back in the 90s, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch wrote the book Intuitive Eating based on new research showing that dieting not only doesn't work but is unhealthy. That book is now in it's 4th edition. Since then over 100 studies have shown that Intuitve Eating reuslts in better health outcomes. For example, even people who diet for the sake of their health end up doubling their heart disease risk when inevitably they go off their diet and regain lost weight, usually more than they lost. This is called weight cycling and is the common experience of dieters.

Why do health professionals in most cases ignore this? They actually don't understand the reality of the body's physiology and the mind's psychology. They like to think that if you really try you can do it. It's very interesting to look at health professionals and their own weight and health. Next time you visit your medical provider look at the nurses and doctors and even dietitians, if you get to see them. They are as likely or even more likely to be overweight than the average person. Does that mean that they don't have willpower? They had to have a lot of willpower to get their credentials- years of study and dedication.

Willpower has nothing to do with it. The body needs food to survive, and deprivation feels like famine. There's nothing you can do to argue with your body about that.

So what is the answer? Am I advocating everyone through caution to the wind and live on donuts and fast food? Of course not. It turns out that when people really listen to their bodies, slowly and mindfully noticing the body's response, internal sensations occur to tell us the truth. Haven't you had this experience? You begin a luscious dessert and the pleasure hit is amazing. By the end it doesn't taste so good, and an hour later you may be miserable- that is, if you are listening to your body. Many of us go through this cycle without ever noticing what is causing our discomfort.

Does that mean we should totally avoid luscious desserts or other treats? Of course not! Next time, if you are ready, allow yourself a radical experience of your favorite food. Eat slowly. Notice the taste, texture and temperature. Give it your full attention, set your projects and your problems aside for this precious moment. Does it taste as good as you expected? If yes, can you gently notice when it stops tasting so good? What happens if you stop eating when that transition occurs. That is a normal signal telling you that you are getting full! Push your plate back or walk away for 10 or 15 minutes. If you still want to finish, feel into whether this is your body or your mind that wants it. You can always have it. This is not a trick. This is about giving yourself unconditional permission to eat what you want and to trust your body to tell you when it's enough.

I know this sounds radical and also maybe like a fantasy. Learning to eat like this all the time certainly is not an easy or quick process. We need so much support for this radically natural way of eating because our society has given itself over to diet culture. Diet culture is driven by the profit motive because it's a multi-billion dollar industry. Do you want to be a victim?

The most exciting thing is that it turns out that people who eat intuitively have greater Life satisfaction levels.

They have better health risk indicators and they are happier. What more do we want for ourselves and our children?

Laura May
What is a Mutuality Circle and What Can it Do for You?

Mutuality circles offer an opportunity for deep sharing in a facilitated space. You can talk about whatever you want as long as you are respectful of others. Shares are timed and you can ask for reflection or not from the other participants. Importantly, we do not offer advice or suggestions even though that's the hardest thing to avoid! We all want to help each other of course. Consider that allowing a person to speak and be fully heard and received means they can process their thoughts clearly and get a better perspective without hearing anyone else's take. Reflection can be something like a clarifying question, for example "what did you mean by the phrase…" and leading questions are not allowed. The facilitator takes charge of all of this so that people can relax. No one hogs the space because each share is timed. At the end of each sharing we take three breaths and send each other positive energy. This is called "holding'.

What are people saying about the experience of participating in a mutuality circle? "This is the only place I can really be myself" and "I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to participate with others in this very open and accepting environment, knowing I won't be contradicted, straightened out or spoken down to." People say that sharing inside this deep container makes it possible to really go deeply themselves. Note that this is not group therapy, rather it is facilitated sharing.

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Royal Numerology
Apr 28, 2024, 00:30
Emotional Freedom Technique

On this practical EFT training workshop, you will learn how to use the amazing tapping technique, with lots of opportunity for practice, asking questions and having fun too. Starting with basic principles, you will build your learning to a highly effective level meaning that you leave feeling skilled and inspired !

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Lyn Smith - The Queen of HEARTS
Apr 24, 2024, 08:00
Discovery Call

Stop feeling lonely, confused, stuck & unfulfilled and instead attract / create a healthy soulmate relationship filled with passion, intimacy & peace, in a way that's natural, nurturing & fun!

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Telemental Health
Brian Frederick Eastman, LIIFT UnTherapist
Apr 24, 2024, 13:00
Introductory LIIFT UnTherapy Session


This is your opportunity to discover how LIIFT UnTherapy works. You'll learn a bit about the theory. And you'll see the theory turned into healings in your own life.

Target audience

Teens and adults seeking to improve their happiness, success and love life. Caregivers, parents and grandparents of troubled youth.


You will understand how LIIFT UnTherapy heals so effectively. And you will experience its power as you create 3 or 4 healings in your life under the guidance of your LIIFT UnTherapist.


We will start the session with an explanation of LIIFT UnTherapy. We will then establish a numerical baseline showing the level of life dysfunction that you want to heal. We will then follow guidance from your subconscious mind to carry out 3 or 4 healings depending on the length of time each requires. (A full session can run 6 to 16 discrete healings.) We will close by checking how your numbers have improved compared with the baseline we established earlier.

Other comments

LIIFT is unusual in that you don't have to remember what happened, you don't have to talk about it, and you don't have to re-experience it. Your conscious, your subconscious and I, your LIIFT UnTherapist will together work to erase the damage and install happier more functional stuff in your life.

By registered users: 66
Guided Meditation
Matthew Anthony DeRubertis
Apr 24, 2024, 13:00
Private Meditation Session

It is my aim to help you build a meditation practice that works for you.

At first, meditation can feel intimidating to approach. I'm here to make it simple by giving you a clear path to incorporating meditation into your daily life, and experiencing the numerous benefits.

In a guided meditation session, we will:

  • Spend a little time getting to know eachother
  • Talk about how to approach meditation
  • Actually do a guided meditation together!

You will come away from the session with a practice created specifically for you to help create more harmony in YOUR life.

I look forward to working together!

By registered users: 20
Shamanic Healing
Andrew Clare
Apr 24, 2024, 18:00
United Kingdom
Shamanic Space Clearing

How it works: I use Shamanic Journeying tools to connect with the space and with my guide and helpers. I then remote view the house clairvoyantly and intuitively so that I can remove and transmute energies from my clients’ living or work spaces to restore energy, harmony, peace, flow, and promote growth in their home and their lives.

Once this work is completed, clients often report feeling more grounded, relaxed, energised, and that they feel more harmonious energies in the home.

Working with clients remotely, I open sacred space and commune with the House, the Land Energy, and with Spirit to intuit what is needed. I ask for information and guidance for you in relation to your space. Then I rattle and sage the home, office, or building within sacred space remotely holding the vision of the space in my mind while I shamanically journey - meaning, I go into a mild trance state - to the Spirit world or ‘non-physical reality.’

I will conduct healing and clearing of the space, for removal of that which is not serving the highest good. I usually visualise each energy that is removed, enabling me to write a report about the experience.

This is a remote healing for any location. You receive a written report.

By registered users: 31
Light therapy
Step Into Your Light - Christina Moore
Apr 24, 2024, 09:00
Ewart St, Brighton BN2, UK
Light Language Personalised Tracks

Light language is the most ancient language of the cosmos. It is the language of our soul. It is not words as such, but it a series of aural vibrations that affect our energy when we listen to them.
The beauty of light language in healing is that we do not need to understand it in order for it to work. As the vibrations reach us, the sounds are translated into light by the pineal gland, and then gently break down the blockages in the body to bring healing.
As a light language channel I can record a personal track for you to help you on your journey towards health and wholeness. You may have a particular intention that you would like me to work with, or perhaps you put your trust in the universe and just let them decide what you need.

Each track will be emailed to you for you to listen to as often as you feel directed.
Many people say they find listening to light language much easier than meditation as there is no conscious effort required, you just lie back and relax.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to ask me.

By registered users: 27
Oracle Cards Reading
Melissa Watkins
Apr 24, 2024, 14:00
Intuitive Oracle Reading

Using my gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudiance, clairolfaction, and empath abilities, I will help answer questions related to love and finances as pertained current circumstances. I can offer options, but not future predictions. Free will choice is always in play for yourself and others. I can not tell you what you or anyone else will do. I can offer guidance based on information provided through spirit. In addition, I can use Tarot and Oracle cards to help gain understanding of events.

By registered users: 18
Iyengar yoga
Praggati Anand Oswaal
Apr 24, 2024, 08:00
5-Day Yoga Challenge

Are you looking to kickstart daily Iyengar Yoga practice that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized? Join me for this 5-Day Yoga Challenge. Each day for five days I will send a brand new Yoga practice(30 minutes duration) directly to your inbox.

This challenge is designed for all levels, from the Yoga newbies to the seasoned Yogis looking to re-inspire their practice. Get ready for long holds in classic Yoga postures that will help you reset and release tension from head to toe.

We all are getting a big serving of stress, anxiety and uncertainty every day. A regular practice of Yoga prepares you to handle the stresses of life with ease. You learn how to release stress so it does not accumulate and create dis-ease.

This is your golden opportunity to setup a consistent daily practice. Do not miss out! Best part of all, it is just $10.

Day 1: Tech Neck/Shoulders and Wrists stretching
Overview: Start things out nice and easy, get your blood flowing, play around with simple poses to relieve tension and tightness in the neck, shoulders and wrists.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 2: Hamstrings stretching
Overview: Work into some traditional poses and loosen up hamstrings to help prevent back pain, knee pain, and foot pain and rediscover freedom in movement.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 3: Core strengthening
Overview: Turn up the heat and build strength in the core which is really the center of all movements. A strong core provides better balance and better posture.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 4: Heart opening
Overview: Stretch and strengthen the spine to help keep the back strong and mobile. These backbending/chest opening poses affect not just the physical structure of the chest where the heart resides, but the energetic and emotional capacity (love, compassion, acceptance, gratitude).
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Day 5: Hip opening
Overview: Release tight hips for better posture and to reverse the effects of constant sitting and facilitate the movement of stagnant energy throughout the body.
Duration ~ 30 Minutes

Sign up and I will send you the details.

By registered users: 24