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Through my voice, I channel high vibrational Divine Light frequencies, collectives of Loving beings here to support humanity, and Gaian frequencies that offer profound portals of healing and whole-ing. Sound sessions are multi-dimensional experiences, similar to a Shamanic Journey, but also offer a unique experience that may include clearing, balancing, harmonizing, restoring, shifting, and expanding all aspects of your being.

Sound channeling sessions can help individuals:

  • Bring coherence to the mental, emotional, energetic, and soul bodies
  • Shift thoughts
  • Release suffering + discordance
  • Clear vibrational density and entrenched patterns that no longer serve
  • Restore original energetic templates/ harmonic patterns of creativity, vitality, joy, and wholeness, which are our human birthrights but have been distorted and adulterated here on Earth.
  • Address ancestral + past life issues
  • Revise our relationship to the past for great peace and acceptance
  • Jump dimensional timelines
  • Retrieve soul fragments lost to trauma
  • Experience a multi-dimensional perspective
  • Bring clarity about questions we are holding

Please come to a session prepared to lie down somewhere comfortable where you will not be disturbed or distracted. Headphones are recommended.

We will briefly check in about your intentions for a session, go into a meditation, and move through a sound journey. Afterwards, we will briefly check in about your experience.

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Jaime Fleres is a Shamanic Astrologer, Soul Guide + Sound Channel. Astrology Soul Map readings focus on your soul's archetypal blueprint and current cycles. Soul Guidance weaves deep imagery, psyche whole-ing, energy medicine, and more. Sound Medicine weaves voice, drums, and crystal bowls to support profound healing and whole-ing. Jaime has an MA in Writing and is an author, artist and mystic.

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since September 2021

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