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Soul Map Astrology Reading

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$144 USD

You want to feel deeply at home in your own skin. To stay connected to the core of who you are, no matter the situation or who you are with. To be authentic AND deeply connected. You want to make meaning from the stories and strands of your life. To weave these into a guiding narrative north star.

You want to use your skills and talents – and express the essence of YOU – to make a positive impact.
And in a way that makes you feel GOOOD inside.

You know you’re not that far off. . .

A Soul Map astrology reading is like a rocket booster, launching you into living with the natural ease you crave, feeling on purpose, and falling deeper in love with yourself and your life.

In this reading, we explore your natal chart (the picture of the sky at your birth) to better understand the map your soul drew for this lifetime.

Our rich and insightful journey together will help you:

  • discover the major archetypes you came to embody and lessons you came to experience

  • what you came in already good at

  • how you can best align with your soul’s intentions for this lifetime

  • validate, activate and retrieve aspects of yourself to become more deeply anchored and embodied in who you are meant to be.

Our session will be one hour. You will need to have your birth information handy (including date, time, and place).

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$144 USD
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$144 USD