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Soul Activation - Energy Healing Course

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This course will be interesting for those who want to learn how to heal themselves and others with the help of high-vibrational energies.
Additionally, the course includes techniques on how to connect with Akashic Records, how to develop extrasensory skills and see aura etc.

  • Start: July 10, 2021

  • End: August 21, 2021

  • We meet every Saturday in a private Facebook group/Zoom.

  • Lessons start at 11 am CST.

  • Each lesson duration is 2-2.5 hours.

  • I provide my full support during the course.

  • You can watch the lessons offline at any convenient time for you.

  • Lifetime access to the course materials (videos, presentation, additional info)

  • You will be given homework after each lesson and my feedback upon its completion.


Lesson 1 – July 10

• Who is an energy healer?
• Where does disease come from?
• How does healing work?
• Power of intention.

Practice: a group healing session

Individual Attunement

date to be confirmed individually between July 11-21
Activation and widening of energy channels.

Lesson 2 – July 24

• How to give a self-healing session (a step-by-step instruction).
• How to conduct a one-to-one session with other people.
• The state of the healer during the session.

Practice: a guided self-healing session

Lesson 3 – July 31

• The Chakra system.
• How to work with the chakras.

Practice: Healing of the heart chakra

Lesson 4 – August 7

• How to do distant healing.
• Clearing space, things, food, water.
• Higher-Self. How to connect and receive information.

Practice: Connection with the Higher-Self

Lesson 5 – August 14

• Practices and exercises to enhance your energy field.
• Practices for developing extrasensory abilities.
• Breathwork.

Lesson 6 – August 21

• Akashic Records. How to connect and receive information.
• How to scan the chakras.
• How to see the human aura.

Practice: Connection with the Akashic Records

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Hi! I'm an energy healer and spiritual coach. I also teach an energy healing course for those who are interested in becoming energy healers and dive deep into spiritual practices. I'm passionate about what I do and have put my soul and heart into my work. Feel free to contact me!

37 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2021

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