Sept 23rd - Nov 18th Onlinetraining Resilience and Self-Regulation

$300 USD
$300 USD

Whatever you are personally experiencing due to the pandemic – or any personal challenge – whether you are anxious, have racing thoughts, are constantly irritable, have struggle sleeping or are extremely tired – these are normal bodily and mental reactions to a threat with an (invisible) enemy that is perceived as overwhelming.
Our autonomic nervous system shifts into survival mode and goes into fight, flight and freeze mode.
What happens in our body and brain under stress, how can we exit the stress cycle and get rid of inadequate and outdated coping mechanisms? How do we grow with new challenges instead of breaking?
In the closed group, you will learn in 8 session the neurophysiological basics of stress and nervous system regulation. Self-regulation is the ability to manage internal states of arousal creating balance in the system, and helping create a sense of safety in the body.
Various exercises and interventions support our nervous systems in a playful way to come back into a regulated and calmer state and become more resilient on the long run.

- Neurophysiological foundations of resilience
-Interventions for self-regulation for daily use
-Topics: Core SE principals such as orientation, pendulation, titration; safety and working with boundaries; the vagus nerve, sound and movement exercises etc.
- You will learn and practice about 10 interventions for self-regulation.

Week 1: Getting to know your nervous system
Week 2: Connecting with Yourself & Your Environmen
Week 3: SE principles: Pendulation, Titratio
Week 4 Safety and security
Week 5 Boundaries and Healthy Aggression
Week 6 Self touch
Week 7 Vagus nerve
Week 8 Summary and recap

Every meeting will be a mixture of group and individual interventions and sharing.
The training is based on the key findings of Somatic Experiencing (SE)® by Dr. Peter Levine, the Polyvagal-Theory by Dr. Stephen Porges, attachment theory and the resilience circle training ® by Gabriele Ella Amann.

The online training doesn’t substitute for a therapeutic group consultation or seeing a medical professional.

Thursdays Septemter 23 until November 18th, except October 14th
6-7.30 pm CET

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Sherry Turnbull2021-04-21 04:45 UTC

Hello. Could you please tell me, is group therapy more effective than personally?

Kris Osum2021-04-20 13:40 UTC

I recently lost my job and now my condition is poor… I think this practice suits me …Will we work in a group? How many peoples will be there?

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