Removing negative Karma

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Karma is the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Karma gives us future trials that we must fulfill. Often people have not thought about this and made some bad decisions previously.

Shamanic rituals help a person to undergo all the trials and understand their meaning in a different and soft way.
The bad karma, generated previously will be removed from you, so that your future will be without negative effects.

The ritual will not only cleanse your whole body but it will purify it and bring long term blissful feelings on our Mind, Body and Soul.

You will feel that everything is possible in this life and all your goals will seem to be easier to achieve.

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Good day! I was born with a unique gift and I have decided to share that gift with others after 13 years of practice. I spent last 10 years improving and achieving knowledge from shamans all over the world (Siberia, Peru, Mexico). Shamanic work can help solve various problems: health, relationship or money. Shamans open the new ways of achieving the desired to you throughout specific rituals.

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Shamanic Protective Ritual

Please order this service for distant protective sessions from all outer negative influences and attacks.

We receive negative influence from different sources, such as:

  • negative people - consciously or unconsciously lay spoilage on a person, wishing bad luck, or other negative outcomes;
  • energy vampires - suck energy from a person, causing anxiety, apathy and depressioin;
  • dark entities - damage the energy system of a person, causing decrease in physical and emotional condition;
  • low vibrating area (such as graveyard) - contaminating your aura, energy body.

All those influences cause a major effects on our emotional, physical and energy condition in every aspect of our life.

The spoilage from other people may bring a sharp health damage, corruption in any of our living spheres: financial, relationship, family, health.

Shamanic protective rituals prevent all negative influences, destroy any spoilage casted on you or your beloved ones, bring peace and harmony to your life, construct a protective aura around you, that will prevent receiving damage in future.

Shaman Antony
Shamanic Healing
$20 USD
Shamanic Music

As a shaman I use my tambourine (please whatch the video in this gig) and jew's harp as instruments to provide shamanic work with my spirits and different energies.

Flows of Energy can be transfered through music, it's a common and proven knowledge!
I have managed to write down my healing sessions in music notes that can hand over the specific energies, that can:

  • heal illness,
  • remove negative energy
  • remove inner destructive mental programs
  • restore your energy level
  • clean your aura and your space
  • clean Karma
  • kick out negative enteties
  • and other unique things!

You will be provided with detailed instructions on what to do.
You can easily become your own healer, or even heal your loved ones with this music (if you have such an intention - you have to inform me for updated instructions).
You can listen to this music as many time as you want and every time you will receive a treatment, the more you use it - the better. My patients are used to listening to this music every day!

Those tracks are made by me only, they have never been in public and their only intention is to serve to the people and bring health, luck and prosperity!

Shaman Antony
Shamanic Healing
$35 USD
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Shamanic powerful healing

**Please order this gig for distant healing sessions for all Physical, Emotional, Mental and Psychological issues. **

  • Shamanic Healing is very effective for:
  • Immune and defense systems
  • Disorders of Eyes, Ears, Throat
  • Skin Disorders
  • Heart and Circulatory Ailments
  • Reproductive Ailments
  • Blood Disorders
  • Disorders of Brain and Nervous System
  • Tumors and cancers
  • And many more

Emotional, Mental and Psychological issues like stress, tension, anxiety, depression, addictions etc

The frequency and duration of Shamanic Healing treatments differ from case to case. For simple and minor ailments the healing can be instantaneous or may take a few minutes, a few hours or a few days. For some cases 1-3 sessions will be enough and the results will be seen during the first 2-3 weeks after the treatment.

For chronic and severe case however, the healing is progressive. Therefore the treatments in most of the cases should be applied twice or thrice in a week as long as necessary.

The consultation before the treatment is included!

I am confident that you will find relief!

For more/long sessions please ask me to send you a custom offer.

Shaman Antony

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$50 USD
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