Expanding your money channel

$150 USD
$150 USD
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CHOOSE this Service if:

  • you feel that the flow of financial income is low in your life.

  • you know that something is blocking your money chanel

  • you understand that your previous negative actions must have influence your ability to earn enough money

  • you sense there might be a curse on you and your financial position


Our financial status and the income of money in our life indicate how powerful our money chanel is. If you think that you're not earning enough - there is a blocking in your money flow.

**I will perform sacred shamanic ritual to open your financial channel and expand it, so that you will bring prosperity into your life and receive more money from your activities.


  • Shamanic practices and rituals are known and vastly used to open new roads of destiny to a peson. Those roads are the possible ways of persons fate.
  • Shamanic rituals create new roads of fate to a client and help follow them and receive the desired purpose.
  • Shamanic ritual helps a client to create the realm which is desired and maintain it through life


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Good day! I was born with a unique gift and I have decided to share that gift with others after 13 years of practice. I spent last 10 years improving and achieving knowledge from shamans all over the world (Siberia, Peru, Mexico). Shamanic work can help solve various problems: health, relationship or money. Shamans open the new ways of achieving the desired to you throughout specific rituals.

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