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$111 USD

Universal Life Force healing energies. Dissolving and transmuting seven chakra blockages and low consciousness awareness.

  • 33 minutes session (on a meditative form or laying down)
  • 11 minutes channeled informations and discussion.

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Hello Marc, Absolutely. I will give you easy steps and hassle free instructions so we can do it remotely. I am doing Reiki and Kamiki Healing all over the planet. I just need your full name and location (Doesn't have to be exact address, the city will suffice) And we will take it from there 😇 Namaste Brother

Hello Angel, it varies from one to another. The session is about clearing and healing on your 7 chakras for a healthy well being. If this is your first time doing reiki, it is advisable to do a three consecutive session for you to completely feel the changes and the miraculous healing power of the life force energy. And whatever you would feel, it means the energy is working through you. I have unbreakable faith and trust with the divine blessings thats inherent and honed by I am. Please trust your intuition and have an open heart and open mind. I hope this helps, blessings dear one.

Marc Bowden
May 17, 2021

Hello. Could you please tell me, if it is possible to do a virtual reiki session?

Anna Ginger
May 16, 2021

Hello! What would I feel after this session?

$111 USD