Powerful Master Channel Healing Session

healing session
$39 USD
$39 USD

Trance Channeling instantly opens a doorway to your higher self. Renowned deep trance channel Kai Clay will immediately connect to your energy through BAHLON, a immersurably wise and ancient high-vibration entity from the Astral Plane. Together they will help you move past your challenges faster than you can imagine to your best and most authentic self. No concern is too big or too small.

"Kai and Bahlon immediately connected with my energy. It was as if they had been right here with me all this time, even though they were on the other side of the world. They even knew my nickname from high school. It was so healing...and fun too."

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Spiritual Mind Center is founded by Metaphysical Master & renowned Deep Trance Channel to Bahlon™ a wise high-vibration entity from the Astral Plane. Sought-after by celebrities, CEOs, moms & Buddhist monks, they offer private or group healings—from anywhere in the world. They will help you overcome any challenge imaginable: money, stress or even love. No issue is ever too big or small.

23 years of practice
On Core Spirit since December 2021
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