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Personalized Nutrition Plan - Because who has time for calorie counting?!

coaching session
$60 USD

Hi There!

Have you tried everything when it comes to cleaning up your nutrition?

Does it feel like you're losing your head in the proverbial **chaos ** of "scientific" methods, online that leave you more frustrated, stressed and confused, than healthy?

That's how I felt when I was 220lbs. And how my clients felt, too. All of us had enough of that confusion.
Enough is enough. After getting to my healthy weight (losing 88lbs in 9 months), I decided to clean up the mess. So I dove into CrossFit-methodologies, nutrition and weight-loss information, followed the science and became Precision Nutrition certified, which is the most advanced, science and client-backed educational program in the world, when it comes to nutrition. And that brought me to be able to offer this plan. We set a very realistic goal, no longer use calorie-counting as our method of keeping track because I don't want you to reduce food - that can be such an emotional comfort to some of us - to a number. It's not. It's an experience and that's why we take calories out of the equation.

It is a straightforward, manageable and clear plan, tailored to your needs , schedule, diet, job, exercise, physical metrics and other aspects of your life, taking everything into account. This plan is designed to lower your stress, not heighten it. And it will get you real, longterm, healthy results. Fullstop.

I chose to offer the plan as a standalone service, for people who might not be able to afford regular weight loss or nutrition coaching, but still want to make a very significant change and understand the basics of nutrition. My goal for you, is to raise your self-efficacy. I want you to be empowered. To know the most important information and therefore be able to make informed decisions from now on, without needing a coach (although having one always helps, for other reasons such as accountability and support) or having to rely on some bogus website on the internet, that might do more harm than good..

Ordering a plan includes an hour for introductions, questions and goals as well as a 30 minute check-in, a few weeks later - just to see how you're doing, as well as helping you to understand how to tweak it yourself for the future and answer any questions that might have come up.

By the way, if you have a child or teenager struggling with overweight or obesity, this plan can not just help you, but also improve their health greatly. I've been working with many kids and teenagers and they are truly amazing in how fast transformation happens, if the whole family commits! Having (even one-off) family sessions, where we focus on communication between all members of the family to build a strong and honest support system also has been shown to help, greatly.

I'd love to work with you and am looking forward and curious to hear your story!

So long, best wishes,

Coach Hayes

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What makes a life truly healthy & happy? Essentially, we're the results of our decision-making.
Which is based on either self love or fear a.k.a. honesty or lies. It shows in how we treat (or mistreat) our bodies and in our chosen mindset.

So, I designed a new weight loss /gain/ performance coaching method to help people finally get unstuck. It's working. Don't believe me? Let's talk.

3 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021


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