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Personal or Business Power Mantra

$45 USD

Hack your brain and bypass logical, analytical functions and access the “Deep Mind”. Power Mantras is like taking Affirmations and turning up the intensity.

This Service will help you stack 7 Affirmations and convert it into a Power Mantra. We have the Option to do a Guided Meditation session to activate and intensify the Mantra even more.

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As a Storyteller, there are many elements that I implement when working with clients. My Somatic Meditative Experiences combine several things such as Breathwork, Hypnosis, Deep-Trance Identification, NLP and Magick depending on the client’s needs.

I believe that by aligning “Conscious Will” with “Unconscious Desire” - You Can Achieve Great Things! The work I do gives you the tools to do so.

On Core Spirit since November 2020

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Jeandre Gerber
May 14, 2021

I have sessions that deal with stress for sure. Depends on the type of stress you are going through.

If it is general anxiety and stress, I have a few techniques to get that at bay. If you are plagued with trauma, there is other ones and in the case of the Mantra itself, we can design one specifically to help with stress, anxiety and to move you back into a resourceful state.

You can try some of my work for FREE at

Michelle Collins
May 13, 2021

Hello! Do your sessions help with the problem of stress?

$45 USD
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