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What is 'Neuro-Lock' and how do I 'Get Unstuck'
Jan 18, 2021

Good Moon’s Day fellow Practitioners,

Today, I’d like to conjure a thought about the concept of “Neurolocking” and potential strategies for ‘getting unstuck’.

Now - I would love to tell you where I first heard of the concept of a “Neurouero-lock”, but alas, I cannot remember as it could be in a number of the books I read over the past year. I believe I stumbled on the idea when I was researching Deep Trance Identification for a client of mine. I read a bunch on hypnosis, trance states, etc - so from ‘someone’ in that body of research, this concept came to my awareness.

So what exactly is Neuro-lock?

“Neuro-lock” essentially is a ‘fixed neurological structure within the brain’ that consists of our beliefs and behavior. It is essentially the neurological ‘imprint’ of who you are and how you behave.

Within this ‘structure of self,’ you interact with the world around you through various filters of perception or ‘assumptions’ about how life ought to behave. This is taught to you through the infinite interactions and experiences you have encountered up until this point in time.

Every lesson, trauma, joyous experience - helped mold the neurological imprint of self, into your brain. Since your unconscious mind always aims to make things more “efficient”, it writes unconscious algorithms to sustain certain repetitive behaviors. This creates ‘neural networks’. Neural networks essentially make up the bones of your “‘neural-body”.

“Neurons that fire together wire together” - Donald Hebb

Please bear in mind I’m using these terms in ‘metaphorical-speak’ so don’t get all anal about it and just chew on the info for a bit.

‘Neuro-lock’ occurs when your neural-networks become so rigid, that no matter what the external data is telling you - you cannot ‘see a solution’ or ‘understand the situation’. It goes beyond the construct of your neurological self - the answer literally lies outside of your reach.

If neuro-plasticity is the indicator for an agile, adaptive mind - non-plasticity (rigidity) would be the hallmarks of a ‘neuro-lock’.

You still with me?

How to Break the Lock!

Those who practice regular meditation and other consciousness-altering activities such as Breathwork, Energy Work, Plant Medicine, Shamanism, etc - have some impact on neuro-plasticity [source]. One of the best ways to start making yourself ‘less-rigid’ is by starting a regular practice of meditation, yoga, breathwork, or anything of the sort.

Another thing you can start doing is to watch ‘how you speak’ in general. It is true that ‘Words’ to hold weight, and when we’re talking about the neurological expression of words - it’s freakish how the little noises emanating from your mouth has such a profound effect on the physical shape of your brain.

“By holding a positive and optimistic [word] in your mind, you stimulate frontal lobe activity. This area includes specific language centers that connect directly to the motor cortex responsible for moving you into action. And as our research has shown, the longer you concentrate on positive words, the more you begin to affect other areas of the brain.” ~Newburg, Waldman -

Therefore, something as simple as daily affirmations or Personal Power Mantras can have an impact not only on our mood, but our behavior and neuro-rigidity.

Is this perhaps why sages throughout time placed such importance on the words we speak, as they hold power in shaping us physically?

Finally - life-altering scenarios such as near-death experiences, abandoning an old paradigm and adopting a new one, an intense psychedelic experience - may also help in breaking the lock.

The trick is to set your intention right, to align conscious and unconscious desire and to really want it.

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