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Out For the Season: Injury Recovery Youth Program

$475 USD

This “Out for the Season” Coaching program is for the student athlete who is suffering from an injury or illness that is keeping them from participating in their chosen sport for a season, or the majority of. The intention of this program is to take a small step back from our physicality and reconnect with our identity and passions in other aspects of our lives, identify and name our challenges from our injury/illness, and return to our sport with a newfound appreciation and mental strength for the full spectrum of athleticism. Keeping our focus on the future and moving forward, this program is not a replacement for psychotherapies or grief recovery, however it is a safe, compassionate place to bond over shared experiences and grow within a community that truly understands the complexities of injuries, setbacks, and the “Love of the Sport”.

8 Weekly Two Hour Group Coaching Sessions
4- 30 min. Individual Check-ins

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I am a life coach with the goal of helping my clients become confident, empowered and authentic. My specialty is dealing with the mental/emotional components of injury and illness recovery, as well as helping Young Adults navigate the transition from adolescence to adulthood and independence. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you on your journey to your best life.

3 years of practice
On Core Spirit since February 2021

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W1LD Coaching
May 8, 2021

Hi Michelle! I would start by considering two things. Why did you choose the career/education path that you chose? What led you down that path? The other thing I would think about is what brings you joy. What makes time stop? What gives you a moment of peace? What do you find yourself wanting to know more about? Don’t worry about whether there is a viable career path in this area, just simply think about what lights you up inside, or at the very least what makes you smile. I hope this helps get the wheels turning about what your passion and purpose may be!

Michelle Collins
May 7, 2021

Hello! I am currently dealing with emotional stress, I wish I knew what I wanted in life! I got my bachelor’s degree and have some work experience already but I feel like I’m never gonna be happy. Nothing inspires me, nothing makes me passionate. Do you have any advice on how to find my purpose?

$475 USD
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