Nelum: The First Step Toward Wellness

$333 USD
$333 USD

🌿My program Nelum: The First Step Toward Wellness will re-launch on September 6!

🌿If you are trying to manage chronic pain or stress, or just want to create a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, than this program is for you!

🌿It is a 7 week program that will include weekly Zoom meetings and access to a private FB group.
🌿The price for the program will be $333, but for members of my group, it will be $300. In addition, if you register before August 15, you will get an additional $25 off the price!

🌿The program will be kept deliberately small so that I can give everyone the personal attention that they need. Spaces are limited!!!

7 Week Program

Part I: The Body'

Week 1: Reducing Physical Pain
Week 2: Reducing Stress/Anxiety

Part II: The Mind

Week 3: Creating a Healthy Lifestyl
Week 4: The Mind-Body Connection

Part III: The Spirit

Week 5: The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
Week 6: Self-Care as Nourishment for the Soul

Week 7: Creating the Path Forward

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I help women learn how to lessen and manage chronic pain and stress/anxiety naturally. Through a combination of holistic health practices and spiritual modalities, I have been able to transform my own life and now want to help others get the relief they so desparately need!
I am a ceritifed essential oil specialist, sound healer, crystal healer, Reki practioner, and coach.

3 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

Reki Healing Session
Nearest available time:
Oct 2, 2023, 13:00
$50 USD
healing session

I offer virtual Reiki healing sessions. Each session lasts appoximately 45 minutes and will be conducted over Zoom.

Toniann Astuto
Coaching Sessions
Nearest available time:
Oct 2, 2023, 13:00
$50 USD

My name is Toniann Astuto, I’m a holistic health coach and have been actively involved in my own holistic health for over a decade.

My journey began at 8 years old when I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, a hereditary disease that caused my spine to grow curved. After wearing a back brace for 4 years, I had a new type of surgery to correct my curvatures. I have a titanium rod that runs the full length of my spine to which all my discs are fused but the top and bottom two. At the time, this surgery was considered the best course of action. But being relatively new, there was no data on long-term effects.

Because of the surgery, over the following decades, my unfused discs started to degenerate along with the joints around them. After years of doing all the work that my whole back would have been doing, they began to wear out. I started suffering from chronic pain sometimes so severe that I couldn’t even walk a few feet.

At the age of 35, I had to quit my job and accept that I was now disabled. The doctors who knew how to fix my scoliosis now had no idea how to cure my pain. I went from specialist to specialist and was prescribed a variety of pain medications. At one point I was even using Fentanyl patches which took the pain away but left me non-functional.

I finally decided that this was no way to live and started to do my own research to find alternatives. I tried just about everything that you could have heard of until I finally found the right solution for me. I now rely on all natural solutions to manage my pain and have not taken any prescription pain meds in over a decade!

I use a blend of essential oils, natural supplements, vitamins, herbs, nutrition, and spiritual modalities like meditation, Reiki and others. I’ve had a long journey, but I feel better now than I have in ages! I’ve transformed my life, and I now want to help others find the natural relief they desperately

I offer free discovery calls!

Toniann Astuto
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