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Money and Abundance Magnet

healing session
$12 USD
$12 USD

This session is charging you and one object you choose with energy from the infinite source of universal abundance. The item has to be small enough to wear close to the body. Preferably a clear crystal. This will open you up the connection to money and money flow. I will also clear the biggest blocks toward finances and abundance. (15 min - 12 USD)

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Hi everyone I am Ina,
Since 2009 I work as energy healer. I’ve started as tarot/oracle reader and kept developing to a coach and finally I developed more and more as healer. It is a never ending soul development journey.

On Core Spirit since December 2020

May 25, 2024, 14:00
United States
Money and Abundance Magnet

This session is charging you and one object you choose with energy from the infinite source of universal abundance. The item has to be small enough to wear close to the body. Preferably a clear crystal. This will open you up the connection to money and money flow. I will also clear the biggest blocks toward finances and abundance. (15 min - 12 USD)

May 25, 2024, 14:00
United States
Distance Chakra Healing

In this session I’m connecting to your chakra energy and locate and clear blocks in your chakra system. I will also manage and repair your energy flow through the chakras and I will balance the whole energetic system. If you are exhausted, emotional unstable or tend to sickness or having the flu, this will be the right session for you.

Spiritual Healing
May 25, 2024, 14:00
United States
Abundance, Money Magnet

This session is a long distance healing session. I’m charging you and an item of your choice with the energy of the the infinite source of universal abundance. The item needs to be small enough to fit in your pocket. I will also clear the biggest financial and abundance blocks and karma. (15 min. - 12 USD)

Distance Healing
May 25, 2024, 14:00
Vancouver, BC V5N 2W6, Canada
Distance Energy Healing

I’m offering my service as energy healer, which calling already reached me over ten years ago. I help you to change situations, dissolve blocks, illness, karma, financial situation, depression and relationship blocks, trauma and abuse , with the help of angels, guides, and other light beings.

I am highly sensitive and see and feel your energy field through distance. My connection to energies is extraordinary and this is why I can help you with your problem, grabbing it on the roots and pulling it from the source.

I already helped healing sickness like cancer and asthma. Twinflame relationships are my specialty relationship healing and I am very experienced in trauma and depression healing. Your health and well-being is most important to me, physically, emotionally and on a soul level. Feel free to contact me. I wish you many blessings love and light
Your Ina

GAP/Portal days

Portal or GAP (Galactic Activation Portal) days are the days when one or more portals in the universe are opening. This can be a bigger or smaller portal. The biggest portal known is the Lionsgate Portal on the 08. August.

The Portal days can make you feel very unstable and emotional. Many of us feel old problems coming back due to the karma pushing up. Others are fighting with head or body aches as well as tiredness. Physical diseases can increase their symptoms. Ascension symptoms can also increase. You may feel extremely anxious and nervous and alert for no reason or you don’t know the reason. If you are more sensitive you will probably feel these portals opening up to two days ahead of time as the portals are already opening and the day they are fully open it’s called portal day.

Now you’re knowing the symptoms you can probably relate to it. Portal days are coming from the Maya calendar and they are the days when the veil between the dimensions is getting thinner. The old Mayas already knew about it.

There are the galactic portals which are giving us a headache but what can we do to avoid frustration and physical pain? Moodiness and fatigue.

Physical pain for example is created through energetic imbalances or blocks within the energy system. Emotional imbalance is created through an imbalanced energy system etc. make sure on these days you are balancing and grounding your energies regularly a few times throughout the day. Every time you feel like you are spacing out or other symptoms appear you should try to meditate or however your preferred method of balancing is.

There are also more symptoms which are not only negative.

Psychic sentient is increased. If you are a channel medium like a healer more energy comes through and easier as well. If you are a medium it is easier to get in touch with people who already passed away. If you are an angel medium your abilities to communicate with them increases. It is easier to contact your guides and get answers. If you are working in the spiritual field on these days you will probably have increased request from customers.

The workflow is easier and you are spacing out of time. You are in the flow .

Don’t be too upset around the portal days they may be better then you think. Always be patient with yourself and other, rest enough and eat at least three times a day. Care for yourself.

Here are the portal days I could find:

January 2021: 03. 05. 22. 26.

February 2021: 02. 03. 10. 16. 21. 24.

March 2021: 01. 09. 12. 17. 20. 30. 31.

April 2021: 01. Until 08. (30.03. bis 08.04.) 10 days in a row

May 2021: 09. bis 18. And 28. Plus 31.

June 2021 : 05. 08. 16. 21. 24. 29.

July 2021: 05. 12. 13. 20. 24.

Energy and Energy Healing

Starting with different types of energy. There is the energy we can see, feel or hear like sound, heat or fire. Yes some energies we feel and see or hear and see. But there are energies we can not see. In fact most of the energies we can not feel. A few examples are X-rays, nuclear energy or infrared light.

If we would break this world down to its core, we would see that everything is energy. The solid form of objects is only an illusion. Everything consists of energies. All living and not living beings. Matter is only very slow energy. Looking at smaller levels is fascinating as we see the micro cosmos and macro cosmos as a living paradise where one individual can not live without the other one.

Energies will make this huge giving and taking game possible. Energies will make life possible, because energies are everything there is. Life is energy, energy with direction and purpose. Every creature and being is serving a special purpose. So do you as everyone who is on this planet here and now. One of the most empowering things is to find out that purpose. Why you are here and what purpose you’re serving.

Fact is you consist of energies. What does that mean to you? It means you are able to influence your own body through energies, you may be able to help it healing or you can ask someone else giving you the impulse to heal it, if you are not able to do it yourself. There are many energy healer out there, as myself, who are doing exactly that as their purpose in life.

Energies can be influenced in different ways, but first of all there has to be a thought, an intention. It is as simple as that. Even with the will of being whole you are starting your healing journey. The first impulse is there most important.

Working with energies is an unlimited business. There is literally nothing you can not heal or fix through energies.

Even though you don’t believe in energy healing, you are skeptical and just don’t trust it, you can be healed through energies.

In this case your belief system can be changed through energy healing. There is a lot of hidden and underlining accumulation of energy within you and me and everyone so it can lead to sickness certain behavior or even situations or circumstances we find us in and like to leave behind but can not.

Energy work means untangling, unraveling these accumulating energies, to understand it and manage it in a way that your body, soul and spirit will not suffer from it anymore and you will go into a deep healing phase and you can maintain a positive attitude in all life situations.

Here are a few facts how we know energies are influencing our life’s without thinking about it:

- The full moon keeps us awake. We and many animals and plants are influenced by the moon phases.

- Words can have a negative or positive effect on us.

Words are positively or negatively charged and we, as empathic beings can feel that.

- If we are in a bad mood mostly bad things will happen to us.

This is due to the attraction of energies. What you are sending out comes back to you multiplied.

- Good mood is attracting good things and positivity. Law of attraction!

- Worrying is most likely attracting things you were worried about.

- Living happy in the moment gives you a positive and carefree life quality and will attract positive things and abundance into your life.

Your mind can not distinguish if you are already happy and live your life as you want it to be or if you just imagining it. Your thoughts and energy will determine what life you will live.

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