GAP/Portal days
Jan 4, 2021

Portal or GAP (Galactic Activation Portal) days are the days when one or more portals in the universe are opening. This can be a bigger or smaller portal. The biggest portal known is the Lionsgate Portal on the 08. August.

The Portal days can make you feel very unstable and emotional. Many of us feel old problems coming back due to the karma pushing up. Others are fighting with head or body aches as well as tiredness. Physical diseases can increase their symptoms. Ascension symptoms can also increase. You may feel extremely anxious and nervous and alert for no reason or you don’t know the reason. If you are more sensitive you will probably feel these portals opening up to two days ahead of time as the portals are already opening and the day they are fully open it’s called portal day.

Now you’re knowing the symptoms you can probably relate to it. Portal days are coming from the Maya calendar and they are the days when the veil between the dimensions is getting thinner. The old Mayas already knew about it.

There are the galactic portals which are giving us a headache but what can we do to avoid frustration and physical pain? Moodiness and fatigue.

Physical pain for example is created through energetic imbalances or blocks within the energy system. Emotional imbalance is created through an imbalanced energy system etc. make sure on these days you are balancing and grounding your energies regularly a few times throughout the day. Every time you feel like you are spacing out or other symptoms appear you should try to meditate or however your preferred method of balancing is.

There are also more symptoms which are not only negative.

Psychic sentient is increased. If you are a channel medium like a healer more energy comes through and easier as well. If you are a medium it is easier to get in touch with people who already passed away. If you are an angel medium your abilities to communicate with them increases. It is easier to contact your guides and get answers. If you are working in the spiritual field on these days you will probably have increased request from customers.

The workflow is easier and you are spacing out of time. You are in the flow .

Don’t be too upset around the portal days they may be better then you think. Always be patient with yourself and other, rest enough and eat at least three times a day. Care for yourself.

Here are the portal days I could find:

January 2021: 03. 05. 22. 26.

February 2021: 02. 03. 10. 16. 21. 24.

March 2021: 01. 09. 12. 17. 20. 30. 31.

April 2021: 01. Until 08. (30.03. bis 08.04.) 10 days in a row

May 2021: 09. bis 18. And 28. Plus 31.

June 2021 : 05. 08. 16. 21. 24. 29.

July 2021: 05. 12. 13. 20. 24.

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