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Distance Energy Healing

healing session
$57 USD

I’m offering my service as energy healer, which calling already reached me over ten years ago. I help you to change situations, dissolve blocks, illness, karma, financial situation, depression and relationship blocks, trauma and abuse , with the help of angels, guides, and other light beings.

I am highly sensitive and see and feel your energy field through distance. My connection to energies is extraordinary and this is why I can help you with your problem, grabbing it on the roots and pulling it from the source.

I already helped healing sickness like cancer and asthma. Twinflame relationships are my specialty relationship healing and I am very experienced in trauma and depression healing. Your health and well-being is most important to me, physically, emotionally and on a soul level. Feel free to contact me. I wish you many blessings love and light
Your Ina

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Hi everyone I am Ina,
Since 2009 I work as energy healer. I’ve started as tarot/oracle reader and kept developing to a coach and finally I developed more and more as healer. It is a never ending soul development journey.

On Core Spirit since December 2020

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$57 USD
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