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To continue you must have completed a Full Alinement session to have this session as it is a continuation of the process These sessions build upon strengthening the human energetic field continually while addressing somatic healing through parts therapy, cord releasing, recall therapy, regression therapies, journey work, light illumination, energetic repatterning and more.

One and a half hour hands on continuing sessions with hands on of energetic healing with the use of ancient qi gong as medicine; Bio-Energy Healing; Vibrational Attunement with Crystal Tuning forks, Energetic Acupoint; Aroma Acupoint Therapy; Metamorphosis as energy medicine as well as healing hands practices and Reiki. Continued assessment and spiritual counseling. These sessions will always have a therapeutic visualization for self analysis, generally focused on the issues per client needs after assessment. This session may include teaching of Emotional Toning Techniques, Self Care Acupressure Points and skills to take home.

Please note that the module sessions will vary from the needs and desires of each individual client in the form of soul embodiment through parts therapy; emotional recall; cellular healing; core star retrieval; frequency upgrade, dreamwork; mythical healing; the warriors script; life & soul purpose. Then an overall mapping of physical, emotional and spiritual patterns will be assessed. These patterns will be addressed in each session and through homeopathic remedies or essences remedies. A complete individual guide to Spiraling Out methods will be presented to the client for the benefits of advancement of the soul.

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A Healing Arts Therapist, a visual and emotional intuitive since birth, naturally is able to energetically see conditions, illnesses, trauma that may have caused a condition or pattern. Denise is well studied practiced in woman’s spirituality, energy medicine, sound therapy and resonance. Advanced Regressionist, Master’s Degree in Holistic Health. 5 Elements, Qi Gong. Biofeedback Sequencing

22 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2020

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Denise Hoagland
Apr 7, 2021

Hi Karin, I have client who see changes immediately during the session, I have clients see growth after one session. Although real change that is creates patterned conditioning takes 3-5 sessions. I hope that helps. I have clients I have seen for 20 years, on and off, through grief, disease, life changes and more.

Apr 7, 2021

Hello. after how many sessions does the result appear and how many sessions are needed?

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