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Mindfulness is the holistic practice that encourages a calm, clear and balanced mind. Our minds can become what is called, “the monkey mind.” This is a mind that is busy, cluttered, and unable to have a clear focus on any one direction.
We work together to uncover the core, root issues then systematically, through mindfulness bring the mind, body, and soul, to a place of clear thinking.

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I serve the collective as an intuitive channel and lightworker in a variety of modalities.
Master-Reiki, Master Mindfulness, Ph.D., Candidate N.D., Psychology, Kingdom College of Natural Health.
I am dedicated to the inner-healing of childhood and adulthood trauma(s) through intuitive channeling, tarot, oracle card reading, and soul astrology.

8 years of practice
On Core Spirit since October 2020

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Cathleen Thomas
Apr 1, 2021

Ms. Malone, Namaste! Thank you for reaching out. I offer a free, complimentary (up to 30 min) session to connect, ask questions, clarify, and see if we would be a good fit for your current concerns. Without speaking with you and gaining more information it is difficult to ascertain just how long healing and release could take. I invite you to view my services and fee schedule on my website for cost inquiries and also to learn a bit more about my holistic approach to wellness. Thank you!

Martina Malone
Apr 1, 2021

I notice that my head is constantly filled with thoughts. I have become less able to remember information, and I want to get rid of all the unnecessary things in my head. How many sessions will it take me to feel the result? Thank you in advance for your answer!

$80 USD
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$80 USD