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Behavior therapy
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Behavior therapy

Behavior therapy
$25 USD
therapy session
Relationship Counselling and therapy

If you are here and having emotional, psychological and relationship issues. You can reach out to me and I will be more than glad to help you

Francis Monyo
Behavior therapy
$50 USD
coaching session
One on one discussion session for advancement of spiritual understanding

In this one on one discussion, I will field any questions of a spiritual nature. I will determine where you are at in your journey, and offer suggestions and resources to improve your understanding of The Divine.

Zack Otteson
Behavior therapy
$80 USD
Mindfulness Guidance

Mindfulness is the holistic practice that encourages a calm, clear and balanced mind. Our minds can become what is called, “the monkey mind.” This is a mind that is busy, cluttered, and unable to have a clear focus on any one direction.
We work together to uncover the core, root issues then systematically, through mindfulness bring the mind, body, and soul, to a place of clear thinking.

Cathleen Thomas
Behavior therapy
$1497 USD
coaching session
Life of Non-smoker) Smoking Cessation Method

The Li.O.N.S. Comprehensive Suite
1. After ONE DAY you will remove negative beliefs that keep you smoking.
2. After 2 WEEKS you will learn to live amoung the Li.O.N.S. and design your Life of a Non-smoker.
3. In WEEK 3 you will gain the skills to eliminate cravings and anxiety that comes with quitting smoking.
4. In WEEKS 4 AND 5, you will use your resources to create a lasting change in your mindset, going from smoker to non-smoker.
5. IN WEEK 6 you will unleash your L.I.O.N.S. MINDSET to guide your new life as a non-smoker.
6. Includes 60 days of follow ups (ASK FOR MORE DETAILS

Rad Suvajatz
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