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In our classes we would highlight and go through the manifestation of principalities, virtue and power. About regain control over your full body, mind and soul.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond our measure.”

In life, there are days we experience that will never be forgotten to us. The first day you kiss that person you have adored and loved, the day you graduated from university, or the day you earned your first money.

I will make you a promise, from the time you are reading this to the time you have finished. There will be another great day you will add to your memory. I’m talking about the day you start to overcome your doubts and your lack of confidence.

This is not a holy book of sacraments nor does it come with a single redundant word or theory of the kind. Nor has it been written for your pleasure or entertain. It has a single purpose; for you to gain control of your faculties.

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Zak Osman received an undergraduate LLB Law degree with London SouthBank University with CILEX Advanced Paralegal understudy. He currently has a specialty in International Postgraduate Certificate in Education where he worked as a English and Theory of Knowledge Teacher for 7 years. Zak has recently been battling with mental health and he hopes by sharing his story.

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