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From the ashes we arise

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This has been the greatest way to for healing, disallowing pondering and allowing thoughts, ideas and opinions we carry in our minds written on a piece of paper. Allows the mind itself a time to heal.

‘Letters to my dearest friend’ Were written during my time spent in mental health institutions. Been here for 2 months and yes as I write the prologue I am still here. It is so crucial the importance of looking after our mental health. In the past few years that has become a pivotal point but imagine what others must have gone through in the past 20,30, even 50 years ago: Where the line of mental health was entirely different spectrum and the individuals who had suffered in silence.

‘Letters to my dearest friend’ Is a conversation between two different entities, my heart and my mind. My mind is the one who constantly complaining, aching, who feels the temperament of being here. But my, the, heart knows it has to heal. For it helped him when he was shattered and broken and now it’s the hearts turn to allow the mind to heal. Knowing the intellect of the mind it attempts to trick the heart in its disillusioned manner. But the heart fights back and we see this battle as they etch closer to each to reignite the unity that they once had lived, in harmony.

This book is not just a collection of words on paper. It is my story, a journey through the darkness of mental illness and the light of recovery. It is a testament to the power of hope and the resilience of the human spirit.

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Zak Osman received an undergraduate LLB Law degree with London SouthBank University with CILEX Advanced Paralegal understudy. He currently has a specialty in International Postgraduate Certificate in Education where he worked as a English and Theory of Knowledge Teacher for 7 years. Zak has recently been battling with mental health and he hopes by sharing his story.

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