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$55 USD
$55 USD

What is your deeper truth, your deeper knowing, your MOJO, your deepest desires, those feelings that you can’t explain but that are so pure and so clear…or maybe sometimes even haunting, like a love for a certain geographic location, or a certain time period in history. What draws you in?

It is an abstract landscape, and can come through in dreams, hunches, or just “inner knowing”. This is intuition and beyond. So working with soul can be like a salve, or nectar to their soul literally. It will be like a long drink of water.

What is the language of the soul? There are those of us who want to understand it, and we want to hear it! We want to get beyond the 3D world we live in. This work is not for everyone, but when you know, you know. It’s a signal inside you that will activate, like a beacon.

For women it is so important- it is where you enter your own zone of genius and growth, and leave those to-do lists.

I work with Divine Feminine energy as well as the work of Denise Lynn, and Dr. Pinkola Estes.

We begin to uncover deeper truths within you, spirit connection, connection to your best self. It truly is that medicine that some of us have been craving, but mistakenly looking for it through food, addictions, unfulfilling jobs and relationships. We are not taught this in school.

In the session we will begin to explore some of you patterns, your flow, your desires...and help set the groundwork for deeper work to discover your true self, your calling and your purpose.

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Anna was raised in West Africa and spent most of her life travelling. She studies all things metaphysical, women’s healing and empowerment, the Divine Feminine, and energy healing for health and abundance. Her undergraduate is with the University of Pennsylvania. She is curenntly finishing her second Master’s in Integral Health Studies,helping others heal at a holistic level- mind, body and soul.

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