Life Coach Services for Adults, Teens, & Children

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$50 USD


...We work with adults that are seeking transformation in their personal or professional life. Other services we provide are customized life coaching and life skill sessions for Teens and Children ages 10(+). My clients do not need therapy or counseling but do need to make life changes for improvement, success, and wellness.

Target audience

Our clients range from working adults that are unhappy with their personal or professional life and are ready to make changes. Other clients are parents that have children that need life skills support in various areas from communication to goal setting, decision making, peer pressure, living intentionally, managing stress, anxiety, fear, failure, and or bullying...


Clients will learn to self-reflect, analyze, manage negativity, discover and address the barriers that are keeping them from living in their best life and or potential. Goals are set, plans are drawn, time frames are put into place, alongside continuous support, motivation and accountability from their coach.


The sessions will begin with a thorough review of specific areas in the clients personal or professional life that seem to be problematic, then an evaluation and analysis of surrounding factors that contribute to the problem. There will be reflection, self-discovery, reviews of sorts that apply. These findings will create the plan and goals to be reached in future sessions that will involve time frames and progress evaluation. The goal is to ideally help the client change, and or reach their desired goal.


Client should be ready to answer questions, being transparent, and dedicated to investing the time needed to create the desired outcome.

Other comments

Life Coaching Sessions are typically done 1x a week, remotely by phone, and when needed via zoom. We find that clients are more comfortable and free to share, express their feelings, and be most transparent using the phone session method.

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Life Avenue Coaching & Practitioner Collective is your one stop shop for all of your wellness needs. Our network of master practitioners are ready to partner with you back into the best life improvement you can achieve. While we do not replace traditional medical practices, instead we complement and fill those gaps needed to help you improve balance, function, and vitality, both physically and mentally.

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