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Intuitive Tarot Readings! Spiritual Guidance & Advice

$30 USD

I do offer readings that give guidance to others, healing, or even predictions that can be prevented or desirable; this can make the querent’s life be more at ease and peaceful. These readings can predict events, situations, people, it can also give you insight on a current someone, or if you’re confused about a current relationship or how your job will go. I can give you the guidance and answers to that. Even messages from your spirit guides.

You can ask any question, whether it be about your career, wealth, love, family, pregnancy, health, legal. I just do not do any questions regarding mediumship. Thank you.

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Hello there!

I have been practicing spiritual enlightenment, coaching, and doing readings for over a few years. Mostly practicing on myself before expanding the horizons to others to give guidance. Feel free to ask any questions about my abilities if you wish.

I have also studied some Psychology, so I can give healing to those who suffer from a mental illness/need guidance if need be.

On Core Spirit since April 2020

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$30 USD
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