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Intuitive Tarot Reading

healing session
$35 USD
$35 USD

This intuitive spread will allow for a reading filled with messages best suited for you.
You may have several pressing questions, or simply feel that you could use words of assurance from the universe. Either way, let me flow through the tarot for you and provide some peace of mind !

You will receive this reading either in a written response or prerecorded video response, whichever you prefer. This gives you the option to reread or rewatch your reading at your convenience!

Videos will be approximately thirty minutes in length depending on the messages received.

If you would like clarity about your reading, feel free to book a follow up session with me!

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Little Rock, AR, USA


My name is Maria and I would love the opportunity to read Tarot for you! I personally use tarot as a way to connect with my inner guidance and find refuge from the sometimes chaotic world around me. I aim to provide Tarot’s unique solace to clients!

I focus most intently on using the inner-wisdom provided by Tarot to empower clients to move past obstacles and blockages in their lives.

On Core Spirit since February 2021

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