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Intuitive Reiki Healing

healing session
$175 USD

Trying to feel better from a chronic condition despite having seen multiple practitioners and paid $$ for testing and supplements?

Did you know that there are energetic patterns in the body that can hold you back from healing? Some of us hold onto toxicity, negative emotions, old stress, bad bacteria or other pathogens that don't readily leave despite doing stringent healing protocols.

*In this deep-dive, intuitive session, Tammy will *-

  • Identify the energetic and physical blocks that are block you from success
  • Optimize organ function for detox, strength, balance
  • Tell you exactly what you need more/less of (nutrients, etc), which foods to eat and those to avoid
  • Scan your chakras to identify blocks and weakness
  • Discover emotional blocks or behaviors that impede your progress
  • Do Angel Reiki on all of the above to bring balance, clearning, harmony and peace

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I help people to lose weight and feel better from bloating, GI conditions and chronic disease (autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, etc) with Angel Reiki and advanced integrative healing protocols. I am also a medical intuitive which helps to target to root cause of the problem and allows for customized healing plans.

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since June 2021

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$175 USD
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