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Heal Yourself First

Jun 4, 2021
Reading time 2 min.

You can’t incessantly be drained by people, with endless giving and still expect to heal others. It doesn’t work that way. If you want to be better at what you do, you have to take care of yourself first. Love comes with healing so love yourself best. With renewed energy, confidence and faith, you can move forward with the business of getting others to a better place.

I always learn this kind of thing (the most important lesson of them all!) the hard way. It’s not something that stops either. People that nurture, give and heal will continue to do so – forever. They must learn to stop and breathe.

After decades of recovering from rampant gut issues, I realized that I still don’t have the ideal amount of stamina that I covet. Also, I go to sleep exhausted and wake up exhausted too. Intuitive testing tells me that my adrenals are a few notches beyond fried from years of stress (plus excess cortisol production). I am getting that they are at 75-80% optimal function… but would love to be at 100%.

I ask Archangel Rafael to come in and help with a Reiki healing on my adrenals. He tells me to place my hands in front of my belly as if I was lying on my stomach and they were hovering a few inches above them. As soon as I do this, I feel this energy come in through my hands. I invite other angels/benevolent spirits, ascended masters to join in. What follows is pure bliss and my hands are bathed in warm fuzziness. I am told that I should do the Reiki healing on my adrenals a few times a week and am given instructions on what supplements would also be helpful. I wake up the next morning feeling fine and not like I was hit by a Mack truck. It’s nearly a miracle.

We are supported and loved in this life, but we won’t feel it unless we make the time for ourselves. Loving yourself is loving source and allows you to also love others. Make the healing space for yourself today, tomorrow and the days that follow. You won’t regret it 💕

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Loving yourself is loving God, for God is the Source of Life and all things in your life WITHIN YOU. I so agree. Cheers!

Yes, this is the primary task that I strive for every day! Heal yourself, and then those around you, otherwise there is no way.