Intuitive Reiki Healing for gut healing, weight loss, depression/anxiety and chronic disease
Jun 3, 2021

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Having been an integrative health care practitioner for the last decade, I see the epidemic gut problems and obesity continue to spiral out of control. Drawn out of a fixed pattern of using only supplements and a restrictive diet to help people with these conditions, I have been led to a beautiful world of Angel Reiki and intuitive medicine. Putting together a healing protocol based on optimizing organ function and removing energetic blocks (emotional and physical) now make up my healing plans. In helping people clear out their chakras, I can help them to elevate feelings of self-love, personal power, and self-expression. Intuition can identify energetic blocks as coming from a past lifetime, ancestral experience or current life. My sessions encourage tissue healing, organ detoxification and trauma removal. Patients are left with peaceful, loving vibes. The angels on my spirit healing team know just what to do and they guide me through the process. I have been lovingly helping people with miserable gut problems, sleep issues, depression/anxiety, chronic diseases and any condition fueled by toxicity. I let them know what they need more/less of and what would work them nutritionally. This is the best and most exciting work I have done and I am so happy to share it with others.

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