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Do you have burning questions that need answers? Do you feel stuck in life, a relationship or career and need guidance? Do you want more clarity on love and relationships? Are you unsure of your current energy and what you are projecting to others?

As an Intuitive Energy Oracle Card reader, Chanelle will help reveal both the past, future & present energy you project and the results you are likely to attract! This reading will help you gain clarity and help you understand what you are consciously creating and reveal hidden blocks that can be delaying your progress. With Chanelle’s intuitive gifts and the information provided by these cards, you will feel empowered & inspired to shift your life for it comes from spirit messages and your higher self! Chanelle will hold space for you to provide you with the guidance, support and the tools needed to shift and transform your life!

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Hello Beautiful Soul! My name is Chanelle and I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, Energy Healer & certified Intuitive Channeller who uses multiple healing modalities to assist clients in as much healing as I possibly can. I specialize in Reiki healing and passionate about helping you heal on your spiritual path and igniting the light inside you!

5 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

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Chanelle Macko
May 21, 2021

Hi Michelle! I can definitely provide more guidance and clarity in a private session with me! I would also suggest Meditation and or journaling to reflect on what makes you happy? Quieting the mind always helps me when making decisions! Look forward to connecting with you xo

Michelle Collins
May 7, 2021

Hello! I am currently dealing with emotional stress, I wish I knew what I wanted in life! I got my bachelor’s degree and have some work experience already but I feel like I’m never gonna be happy. Nothing inspires me, nothing makes me passionate. Do you have any advice on how to find my purpose?

$95 USD