Distance Reiki Healing Session

healing session
$120 USD
$120 USD

Do you want to release stress, suppressed trauma AND feel complete happiness from the comfort of your own home?! Distance healing allows people to receive the benefits of reiki anywhere in the world, even if they are unable to be physically present!

This healing session offers a safe and sacred space & restores the client both physically and emotionally, clearing out any stagnant toxic energy and aligns the mind, body, spirit. Chanelle also combines past life clearing and transmutes anything that surfaces and does not resonate with the clients highest good during the session.

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Hello Beautiful Soul! My name is Chanelle and I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, Energy Healer & certified Intuitive Channeller who uses multiple healing modalities to assist clients in as much healing as I possibly can. I specialize in Reiki healing and passionate about helping you heal on your spiritual path and igniting the light inside you!

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

Oracle Cards Reading
Intuitive Oracle Card Reading
Nearest available time:
Oct 5, 2023, 16:00
$95 USD
therapy session

Do you have burning questions that need answers? Do you feel stuck in life, a relationship or career and need guidance? Do you want more clarity on love and relationships? Are you unsure of your current energy and what you are projecting to others?

As an Intuitive Energy Oracle Card reader, Chanelle will help reveal both the past, future & present energy you project and the results you are likely to attract! This reading will help you gain clarity and help you understand what you are consciously creating and reveal hidden blocks that can be delaying your progress. With Chanelle’s intuitive gifts and the information provided by these cards, you will feel empowered & inspired to shift your life for it comes from spirit messages and your higher self! Chanelle will hold space for you to provide you with the guidance, support and the tools needed to shift and transform your life!

Chanelle Macko
Chakra Balancing
Chakra Balance & Heal Course
Nearest available time:
Oct 5, 2023, 16:00
$777 USD

In this groundbreaking 7 lesson video course, you receive an in-depth explanation of the 7 Chakras and how they can affect your daily life. It will provide you some key insights into the TRUTH about why you feel the way you do around feelings of FEAR, ANXIETY, SELF-WORTH and ANGER and how they affect your life and health.

Discover, practical and specific exercises and mystical tools that allow you to identify energy blockages, and clear, balance, and charge each chakra. Your Chakras, hold the keys to healing suppressed negative emotions & past life trauma, building genuine relationships, increasing abundance in your life, igniting your creativity & achieving a life YOU desire! This is the FASTEST & most EFFECTIVE way to make a massive shift in your energy and have lasting change affecting every aspect of your life.

Yes! Payment plans are available! Please email Chanelle and she can set you up the course.

Chanelle Macko
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Chanelle Macko2021-09-13 10:50 UTC

Hello Ann! No need to prepare for the session. Please email me at healw&#… and we can book you a session with me! You can also txt me at 647 462 7743. Look forward to connecting with you!!

Chanelle Macko2021-05-21 02:50 UTC

Hello Sherry! Every client is different but most clients feel warm soothing energy, calm, at peace, happy and/or laughing, spiritual insight or visions, colours etc. I always recommend to drink lots of water after a session to help ground and flush out the energy and to be open to all the messages and guidance that I provide from spirit during the session :)

Chanelle Macko2021-05-21 02:48 UTC

Hello Ann! There is no preparation needed, I just ask that you lie down in quiet I disturbed spot while I channel reiki to you wherever you may be in the world. I provide you with healing music at the time of the session to enhance the affects as well and then I provide you with a call to discuss everything that came up as well as messages from spirit that came up for your during the session. I look forward to connecting with you :)

Ann Burak2021-05-20 22:15 UTC

Hello! How is the reiki session going? Do I need to prepare for this?

Sherry Turnbull2021-05-07 08:19 UTC

Hello! Could you please tell me, what can I expect to feel during a reiki session? Is there anything I should do to support myself after a treatment? Thanks.

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