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Intuitive Healing

healing session
$100 USD

Intuitive Healing can be done either in person, through social media like Zoom or completely remote .
For me there is no difference as I tune to your vibrational fields to see the ‘dissonances’ to re-harmonise .
So it takes me a few minutes before I can fully go into a session, time to get the ego and mind away and slip into a complete emptiness where Everything is contained.
For me, nothing is impossible so let me know what you would like to change, your intention is the limit . Backaches, trauma from any life, shocks, or just a relaxation and a me time pampering session.
You are in charge of your session,there is no specific system,sessions are never twice the same,you can also choose to be quiet and enjoy and trust the energy or you can share ehsf you are feeling/ seeing at any time. Talking is also a form of release .

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Sophia Phoenix is a intuitive Healer who has developed her own was of Healing. As a teenager Sophia already had noticed her healing abilities but her true gifts came out much later after healing her daughter.
Sophia does not use any specific system and would rather not label the energy that she uses to transform people’s life. Although one client described her healing energy as ‘raw’energy ‘ .

On Core Spirit since June 2020

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$100 USD
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