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During this journey, you’ll be given the tools to understand your energetic space and take ownership of your body as a soul living a human experience. The training lasts for six weeks, including a weekly 1:1 session done over zoom. Each session lasts around an hour long. During this time together, you will learn energy tools and dive into topics like:

- Grounding into your body (Using a ground chord)
- Running your earth and cosmic energy (Owning your energetic space as a self healing being)
- Rose tool (Used to clear and take ownership of your space)
- Healing the aura (Reading layers of the aura, clear aura holes and tears)
- Finalizing karma & karmic contracts (Remove energy cords & learn separation tool)
- Introduction to working with spirit guides and your healing master

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Alexius currently works 1:1 as a spiritual coach with clients from around the world. She is certified in intuitive healing and spiritual leadership through the School of Intuitive Greater Healing. She has also received training in reiki, completed a 400 hour meditation teacher training, a 200 hour yoga training, and two associates degrees in human service and social and behavioral sciences.

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Alexius Lehmkuhl
May 19, 2021

Hey Joan! Thank you for reaching out. During these sessions, we begin with a short guided meditation where you have the chance to practice using energy tools to ground and heal your space. From there, I guide you to use these different tools as we cultivate the third eye space and your connection with your intuition. Everyone's experience is different depending on your relationship with meditation prior, and how your unique energy works. We primarily work with the energy of invalidation that says it's not safe or you do not have access to using these tools, that way you can get in your authority space and have these tools to help you through life. This course is a quick intro where basic tools are taught so that you have a foundation to add onto your practice or dive deeper into the intuitive healing work later on. Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

Joan Wilson
May 19, 2021

Hello! I would like to know exactly how the session goes. How accurate is the practice? Thanks in advance!

$270 USD