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Relation of professional help for individuals coming from different linguistic and cultural realities. With this type of counselling relations are evaluated both on a personal and on a cultural level. This modality of counselling can be particularly useful for issues related to intercultural communication, cultural identity, culture shock, discrimination, integration and prejudice.

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I have long term experience in providing pastoral care and therapeutic support to individuals from various cultural backgrounds. I lived for nearly two decades in the UK, where I worked in various Education and Mental Health Institutions. I’ve recently moved to Italy, where I work in private practice as a Counselling Professional. I am also currently training as a Focusing Psychotherapist.

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Hello Michelle, thanks for your message. In the sessions, we will consider your narratives from your personal perceptions and from the social contexts in which they are situated. This will allow us to raise awareness about your behavioural dynamics deriving from those contexts. Meanwhile, we will also explore your communication skills and your cultural beliefs and move forward the construction of a framework of reference that can be useful for relating to yourself and to other people in the new contexts. For more information, please feel free to contact me by email

Best wishes, Sonia

Michelle Collins
May 14, 2021

Hello!! This is very interesting. I would like to know exactly how the session goes. Thank you in advance!

$60 USD