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Academic Counselling

mentorship session
$60 USD

Relation of professional help for university students and members of staff. The main aim of this type of support is to foster individuals’ lived experiences of studying or working in Academia. This modality of counselling can be particularly useful for issues related to anxiety, expectation, motivation, procrastination, public speaking and stress.

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Hello, thanks for your message. I am not able to tell whether the sessions are suitable for you. We would need to have an introductory conversation about your particular situation and then we can take it from there. Regards, Sonia Gallucci

Gabriel Wilson
Mar 30, 2021

Could you please tell if your course be suitable for me? I’d like to become motivational speaker or newsreader or get voice-over work, for example, but I have not enough confidence, I feel nervous about public speaking. I tried out many courses but nothing helped.

$60 USD
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