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Identity Peace Road Map

coaching session
$750 USD

Who are you? And, what were you meant to do? If these are questions you've been asking yourself, it's time to recreate and explore your identity. Explore the power of uprooting the old (limiting beliefs and decisions) and embracing new beginnings (values, strengths, growth mindset, emotional clarity, healthy relationships, etc). Let it serve as the catalyst to moving forward with clarity of purpose.

What’s Included:
● A complimentary 30 minute clarity call
Welcome kit to kickoff your first coaching session
● 1 x 90 minute deep dive kickoff planning session to review your current situation and strategize how to tackle your struggles and concerns
● 4 X 45 minute coaching sessions each week to review and adjust plan as necessary
● Email support in between weekly sessions for questions, clarification and accountability. Consider this your on-the-go coaching to cheer you on to Victory!
● Many resources to support your healing, transition and recovery.
● Personalized checklists, handouts, and reading material to meet your needs.
● A coaching plan tailor focused on the areas where you need the most support.

INVESTMENT: $750 USD (Paid in Full)
3 Payments of $275

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Hi! I’m LaQuita - Personal Peace Coach specializing in divorce, marriage identity and chronic illness. I believe in engaging the mind, body, and spirit.

My Coaching Style includes introspection, creativity, personalized strengths assessments, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

You will be welcomed to a safe zone while building resilience, gaining clarity, confidence, and courage.

5 years of practice
On Core Spirit since June 2021


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$750 USD
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