Hypnosis for a Healthy weight without diets

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$100 USD
$100 USD

If you are tired of diets, you are in the right place. I help people increase motivation to eat healthy foods, do physical activities, eliminate cravings or addictions to foods like sugar and refined flours. Try this holistic approach to look and feel your best! Free consultation. Online sessions

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Hi! I’ve been in practice since 2004, I love helping people get rid of unwanted habits like quitting smoking, achieving a healthy weight, eliminating emotional eating, playing too much computer games, nail biting, certain addictions. I also help with reducing stress and anxious thoughts, increasing confidence, self-esteem, motivation, optimism, achieving goals and more. Online sessions available.

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Elena2021-04-20 17:20 UTC

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

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