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Holistic Counselling for Anxiety

therapy session
$10 USD
$10 USD

Are you struggling with anxiety? Are you struggling to feel clam and relaxed? Are you struggling with worriesome thoughts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Holistic Counselling can help you to let go and find more calm in your life.

The type of counselling I offer is a holistic, solution-based approach that takes into account mind, body, energy body, lifestyle and soul. It goes beyond traditional counselling to guide you through a powerful toolkit of healing practices.

Here are some tesimonials from my clients.

"Martin's guidance has helped lift me out of the darkness of situations, shedding light, allowing a sense of clarity to move forward. Eternal gratitude to you Martin."

Pamela Sunderland

"Quite simply Martin has guided me to my light that was already there. I have been able to let go (and continue to do so) so much that has been suppressed deep within my being. Thank you Martin from the wholeness of my being."

Leila Al-Baldawi

"Martin has helped me to accept myself more as a work in progress than a fixed being. Thank you Martin. I feel this has started me on a journey, because it's created a powerful link to listen to my own heart and follow its loving guidance."

Rosemary Lowndes

"I feel so blessed to have met Martin. Martin has helped me with inner child work so much. He is such an incredible healer with very special powers. We have done regression hypnotherapy and heart chakra opening meditation sessions as well; I feel he is a kind of catalyst that triggers and shifts something within me every time. I would like to call hime Archangel Martin because of his special powers. I would highly recommend him wholeheartedly for all types of counselling, hypnotherapy, and his meditation programmes are simply extraordinary. "

Bernadette Pal

What we focus on is down to you. I am here to meet you where you're at. I listen from a place of acceptance, non-judgement and intuition. This can help you heal, let go of anxiety and find more serentiy in your life.

I am looking forward to meeting you in our session.

Warm regards, Martin

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Hi, my name is Martin. I am a Holistic Counsellor. The type of counselling I offer is a holistic, solution-based approach that takes into account mind, body, energy body, lifestyle and soul. It goes beyond traditional counselling to guide you through a powerful tool-kit of healing practices. Theses 1-1 sesisons can help you heal, let go and create an immense shift in your life.

On Core Spirit since March 2022

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