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Heart Medicine Healing Session

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$113 USD

You will be guided through a gentle yet powerful healing process that enables you to achieve and maintain balance.

Heart Medicine sessions are designed to suit your unique individual needs.

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Within each of you lies an incredible potential for change, healing and growth!

I will help you to release energy blockages (stress, anxiety, depression, loss of direction, coping with change, feeling stuck and much more…) and empower you to access your inner resources to promote mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Make the first step towards change.

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Hello Anastasia,
The sessions are online energy healing sessions. It is one to one session and I am intuitively guided to work with what is needed.
Kind Blessings,

Hi Taysha,

I use own method of energy healing, Heart Medicine. I developed it after years of working with shamanism, bioenergy, sound therapy, alchemy, etc,) .

I am intuitively guided to design each session to suit your unique needs.

No special preparation required, just come with your open heart and mind.

Kind Blessings,

Taysha Duckworth
Apr 21, 2021

Hi Mirela! What methods do you use in this session? Is special preparation required?

Loya Griff
Mar 29, 2021

Hello! How is the session going? What will we work with? is it online or in person?) Thanks for answer

$113 USD
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$113 USD