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Health Coaching Session

coaching session
$75 USD

As your personal wellness coach, I help you take strides in becoming the best version of yourself - spiritually, mentally and physically. I will guide you through the process of creating a vision for your life, health, and overall wellbeing.

Expect to:
Develop a deeper relationship with yourself while on your path to healing.

Create a holistic practice to help manage stress and anxiety

Break down mental and emotional blocks to living your best life

Start developing healthier lifestyle habits and food choices.

Re-establishing yourself as a masterful creator of your health, wealth, and dreams

Receive support in managing sugar addiction and emotional eating.

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Taking an integrative approach to healing, I focus on all aspects of life in order to deepen the spiritual and mind-body connection. As a dedicated student and teacher, I am passionate about helping students feel more at home in their body and strengthen their own inner guidance system.

On Core Spirit since July 2020

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Irene Hudson
Jun 3, 2021

my psychological barriers prevent me from focusing on what I really want. After your session, will I be able to find out my true self?

$75 USD
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