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$90 USD
$90 USD

For current clients that have already had an Initial Consultation 2 or 3 weekly consultations to assess your progress with wellness plan prescribed.


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3 Seaview Avenue, Northcote, Auckland 0627, New Zealand

Marijana is registered and qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist with a science background in Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Science. Her mission is to share how to use healing power of nature for balancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual health! She is focusing on the wellbeing of busy women, children, particularly anxiety management & gut health.

On Core Spirit since October 2021

Shamanic Healing
Change Naturopathy
May 26, 2024, 21:00
Light the Path to Your Desired Life

If you want find what is that in life that makes you happy and fulfilled you need to heal all levels of your existence- Body, Mind, and Spirit. We are all energy beings and fixing just a physical and emotional body will not resolve and answer all the questions that you might have about your health and life.

Like you experience pain, blockages and inflammation in physical body, equally blockages and mucus are built over the time in your energy field. Those energy blocks were formed due to emotional and spiritual conditioning during your childhood, while you were in mother womb, in some of your past lives or just simply transferred through generational DNA.
Energy healing allows release of our personal and ancestral stories that often keep us trapped in unhealthy, destructive, and unfulfilling lives.

As a Neo-Shamanic healer, I can help you uncover what are those hidden beliefs and conditioning that cause repetition of painful and destructive pattern in your life. I will guide you to identify and release what you have been unable to access because it has been too overwhelming, too painful or unacceptable. Energy healing will help you balance into full alignment of body, mind, and soul. Once back into alignment you will be able to see clearly what your life path is, dream big again and achieve your goals.

Marijana has a beautiful energy and pure intention and dedication to the best possible outcome. I love receiving her healing sessions - they are so relaxing and nurturing.
Ngā mihi nui, Anna

*I am feeling less stressed, more relaxed and happy. My headaches are gone. I am more motivated and productive in my business. I attracted more clients after healing. Thank you!
Kristina *

Change Naturopathy
May 26, 2024, 21:00
Discovery Call

Informal chat with me about your goals and what you’re wanting to achieve, and any questions you might have about working with me. This session is a great opportunity for us both to make sure we’re a good fit to work together.

Change Naturopathy
May 26, 2024, 21:00

The Starter Wellbeing Program is a great way to start working with me.

Continuous support over 2 months with 2 weekly sessions set you up for consistent improvement.


1x 90 minute consultation

1x 60 minute consultation

3 x 40 minute consultations

Individualised natural health care and realistic goals

Resources and recipes to take home

Individualised Wellness Plan

Ongoing support


Change Naturopathy
May 26, 2024, 21:00

The first appointment is all about You. I listen to your story and ask many questions to gather as many details as possible about your past and current physical, mental, emotional health and your family, social, and working life. All of those information supported with current research will help to find root cause of your health issue. We will discuss your goals and what would you like to achieve working with me.


Change Naturopathy
May 26, 2024, 21:00

The Wellbeing Change Program offer continuous support over 6 months with 2 & 3 weekly sessions set you up for consistent and lasting success. This package fast-tracks your progress and is suited for those super committed to change.


1 x 90 minute consultation

1 x 60 minute consultation

8 x 40 minute consultations

Individualised natural health care and realistic goals

Resources and recipes to take home

Individualised Wellness Plan

Ongoing support


Change Naturopathy
May 26, 2024, 21:00

For current clients that have already had an Initial Consultation 2 or 3 weekly consultations to assess your progress with wellness plan prescribed.


Change Naturopathy
May 26, 2024, 21:00

Longer follow up appointment if we need to discuss in length your progress or interpret test results.


Change Naturopathy
8 steps to support and manage your child’s anxiety

Lesson 7


  1. How and when to talk to your anxious child?
  2. Who can help you in management of your child’s anxiety
  3. How Anxiety Detective can help you manage and reduce anxiety in your child?

Main Point: Learn where to find a information and how to build support network while caring for your child with anxiety.

Change Naturopathy
Number One biggest trigger of children’s anxiety

Lesson 6


  1. Gut Brain connection
  2. Gut Microbiome, dysbiosis, and intestinal permeability (leaky gut)
  3. What is neuroinflammation, how is developed and connected to my child’s anxiety

Main point: How health of your child’s microbiome can influence development of anxiety and other chronic diseases.

Change Naturopathy
Here is how to make a first step in reducing your child’s anxiety

Lesson 5


  1. Sugar and processed foods
  2. Pesticides, hormones and other toxins in our convenient foods
  3. What should you feed your anxious child with

Main point: How fast, convenient foods that we are all consuming and feeding our children today influencing vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food intolerances, and mental health issues in our children.

Change Naturopathy
How your washing powder is triggering your child’s anxiety?

Lesson 4


  1. How environmental toxins affects your family health
  2. Where are they hiding and how we are exposed
  3. How you can reduce exposure to environmental toxins

Main Point: Environmental toxins exposure could affect your child’s mental health and wellbeing.

Change Naturopathy
Does Your Child Experience Anxiety?

Lesson 1

  1. Anxiety in children and how prevalent it is
  2. How you can recognise that your child might suffer from anxiety (signs and symptoms to look out for)
  3. Why your child has anxiety
  4. Main Point: Why so many kids and people suffer with mental health and behavioural issues including anxiety, depression, ADHD, today?
Change Naturopathy
Can you identify what type of anxiety your child suffering from?

Lesson 2

  1. What are the common anxiety categories and what is ‘normal’ level of everyday anxiety
  2. Why your child is anxious and some other kids are not?
  3. What causing anxiety in kids?

Main point: Why is so important to find underlying causes of your child’s anxiety to be able to reduce and eliminate anxiety

Change Naturopathy
Eliminating emotional stressors that causing your child’s anxiety

Lesson 3


  1. How stressful life event could be a trigger for anxiety
  2. What other emotional stressors can trigger anxiety in your child
  3. How stress response and biochemical reactions in our body triggering and increasing anxiety

Main Point: Stressful events and chronic stress are the one of the main causes of anxiety. How stress response - the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis) and their dysfunction lead to anxiety.

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Spiritual Healing
Mateusz Bajerski
May 27, 2024, 08:00
Meet Your Spiritual Consultant: Healing, Insights & Growth [Discovery Call]

> Connect with your Higher Self.
> Remember who you are.

~ Mateusz Bajerski, Spiritual Consultant


This is a Discovery Call of 45 minutes. We will create a safe space in order to connect with your heart and listen to what your heart has to share—heart coherence—when it comes to what you're looking for in your healing, growth and expansion, bringing you in alignment with your soul journey while your life is shaped and re-shaped in the face of uncertainty. During this same call, intuitive insight will be provided and a grounding technique in relation to what you're going through will be taught: this will enable us to know each other better.

A healing, insights and growth plan proposition will be shared, drawing from hypnotherapy practices to build a stronger bridge to your Higher Self, your own source of limitless power and knowledge as you move with the ebb and flow of life.

Does it suit me?

Are you looking to be better attuned to your True Spiritual Self and learn about the mosaic of your Soul as you face the uncertainty of life? Are you looking to grow, expand and access your limitless inner power and knowledge?

Are you looking to collaborate with a Spiritual Consultant along this journey of accelerated ascension?


The benefits of spiritual healing, growth and expansion incorporating hypnotherapy allow total transformation, connecting you to your own source of wisdom and limitless knowledge—your Higher Self.

✓ One-on-one sessions virtual or in-person
✓ Blocks of 1h to 1h30
✓ Bridging the gap between the spiritual and the physical planes


You can expect:
✓ The spiritual consultant to personally be present with you throughout, including the follow-up
✓ Learning the heart coherence technique
✓ Being in an alpha state of consciousness—relaxed state
✓ Learning a grounding technique
✓ A healing plan proposition drawing from hypnotherapy practices to be shared

Disclaimer: Please note that the effective attunement to an expanded state of consciousness is a practice that is sustained in order for our brain to create new neural pathways. It is possible to nurture long-lasting and permanent positive outcomes with targeted hypnotherapy over a sustained period of time.


Breathe in deeply and exhale slowly five times. Set your intentions. Please ensure you are sober.

About the spiritual consultant

Mateusz Bajerski, BA Philosophy, MA Cognitive Science, Dip. Hyp. HNWHP (PHPA), is a London-based spiritual consultant, incorporating hypnotherapy into his healing practice. Born in Częstochowa, Poland, he went on a soul-searching journey across Europe before opening his practice in London, England. His travels were inspired by a deep self-questioning stage of his life marked by the passing away of his father and the depression that followed. Mateusz found self-forgiveness through an Ayahuasca ceremony.

A motorcycle accident in 2017 helped him re-align with his soul’s mission and led him to start his successful spiritual practice. He has guided 200+ individuals in connecting with their Higher Self to clear subconscious emotional blockages, opening a safe space for insights and growth, and equipping them with tools to self-regulate in order to consciously create a reality of their own.

With a BA in Philosophy and an MA in Cognitive Science, Mateusz Bajerski, Dip. Hyp. HWHP, is part of the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association (PHPA). He trained at UK’s Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy–GHSC Assessed and Accredited. He was also a student of Dr Aleksander Daniłow, a psychotherapist in clinical hypnosis working with politicians, business people and actors. He trained at the practice of the renowned Dr Andrzej Kaczorowski, the author of “Conscious and Unconscious Self-Hypnosis: The Effective Therapy To Release Your Limitations,” “The Power of Hypnosis,” “Reincarnation And Hypnosis In Therapy,” “Hypnosis and Dreams,” “Reincarnation In Hypnotherapy” and “Reincarnation in Hypnosis.”

By registered users: 74
Joanna Rose Tierney
May 27, 2024, 08:00

Geopathic Stress
Geopathic stress is the distortion of Geo-electromagnetic energies in the earth’s field of underground water courses, mineral deposits; faults and underground cavities. These distorted or negative energies may radiate through your house or work place, affecting the health of the occupants in different ways. The problem arises when people spend long periods of time working or sleeping in these lines or zones of ‘Geopathic stress’ (GS). The healing of land and houses is essential for good health and wellbeing

Symptoms of Geopathic stress

While Geopathic stress does not cause illnesses directly, it may weaken the immune system which in turn weakens the body, making it slower to heal and more susceptible to illnesses such as cancer.

Sleeping in a Geopathic zone is particularly stressful. If you sleep on a spiral, where two Leylines of the negative energy cross, for example, two underground rivers, not alone may it affect your sleep patterns by causing broken or restless sleep or nightmares, you may wake up in the morning feeling more tired than when you went to bed. This is because the adrenal gland works overtime to compensate for the distorted earth radiation. The brain also cannot relax into a deep sleep to repair and regenerate the body due to the high content of adrenaline in the blood. Over time, the fact that you sleep in this energy overnight, may lead to energy imbalance or long term illness.

Any of the following are believed to result from exposure to Geopathic stress:

Behavioral problems, e.g. Aggression, hyperactivity
Emotional instability
Sleeping disorders and restlessness
Cancer, M.E. And M.S.
Aches and pains, e.g. Headaches
Back problems
Infertility and cot deaths
Asthma and allergies
Stress and nervousness
Lack of concentration or memory loss
Exhaustion, fatigue or loss of strength
Absenteeism at work due to sickness
Not responding to medical treatment

Physical indicators of Geopathic stress

Animals that gravitate to lines or zones of GS include: cats, owls, slugs, snails, insects such as ants, bacteria, viruses, wasps and bees. Most mammals avoid areas of Geopathic stress. Horses and cows stabled over GS may become sick or prone to injuries. In Ireland in the days of old, people used to put cattle into the fields to see where they would sleep knowing that they would not sleep in areas of negative energy. This is then where the buildings were placed, in the good old days before planning permission!

Areas of non-productive fruit trees, gaps in hedges, twisted growth, patches in lawns and trees where lightening has struck can indicate areas of GS.

Animals and very young children can feel instinctively if a place is healthy or not i.e. If there are lines or zones of Geopathic stress within it. If children are oriented differently from when they were tucked in, or don’t want to sleep in their beds it is wise to check for lines of the GS.

Can the level of Geopathic stress be measured?

Through the art of dowsing, Dr. Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, the ‘Grand Old Man’ of GS, developed a scale to analyze the strengths and effects of the contaminated leylines

The scale runs from 1 to 16 with the following effects:

Up to 4: No effect.
5 – 6: Obesity, swelling of joints, headaches, sleeping problems, anxiety.
7 – 8: Mental disorders, addictions, suicides, depression.
9 plus: Cancer, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and many other disorders.
In both Germany and Austria it is the law to have your house checked for Geopathic stress before you move in.

Love and Light
Joanna Rose Tierney

By registered users: 21
Brent Bruning
May 27, 2024, 07:00
Hand Analysis - Startup Session

In 30 minutes, I answer any questions that you might have about yourself and tell you your core personality archetype. I'll analyze your hands, share your life pattern to you in 1-1 session

By registered users: 20
Body and Emotion Code
Sara Dessau Lopez
May 28, 2024, 19:30
Emotion Code for Anxiety Relief

🌙. Receive a 60 minute Emotion Code session for anxiety relief. This session will feel like you’ve gifted yourself with a bouquet of beautiful 🌺 flowers. You may have a feeling you can’t quite put your finger on that something is getting in the way of your success, your goals, and your dreams.

🌙. I want to help hold a safe space for you to go deep into your truth and your shadow to uncover what it is. This emotional clearing session is like shining a flashlight on your stuck emotions causing negative patterns, self sabotage, or fear of success. As we shine a light we create movement so we can let go of what we don’t want.

🌙. If we don’t process our old emotional wounds, when life throws curves at us, it is like having a wound on our body and throwing salt in it. It stings. Instead of ignoring that comment someone made, it brings us back to the time of the wound in the past even if we don’t realize it. Subconscious emotions are stored in our body and brain where they can bubble to the surface.

🌙. We will identify exactly what stuck emotions are getting in the way of you feeling calm and relaxed using the Emotion Code framework and clear those. We will also do a short guided exercise/meditation where I will send reiki to both your nervous system and any past events that need healing as well.

🌙. You are precious; treat yourself accordingly. You are worth taking the time to treat yourself to self-care. What can you take off your plate to make room for taking care of yourself and remembering your magic?

🌙. Our bodies are 55% water and we need plenty of pure, filtered water every day so please hydrate well before and during your session.

🌙. I will share what came up, what shifted, and how to do easy self care to keep your energy and emotions flowing and clear.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Love, Sara

All healing sessions are non refundable.
If you need to change the time of the healing please try to do so at least 24 hours prior.

Legal Disclaimer:

This session does not replace medical care for a medical condition. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical issue. Please see a licensed medical professional or doctor for health concerns.

By registered users: 25
Career Coaching
Lisa Yoder
May 27, 2024, 14:00
Speak Your Truth | Communication Coaching Session

Sometimes we don’t have everything we want because we aren’t comfortable speaking the words. Learn how to own your truth, without fear of how others may react. Learn how to clearly communicate what you want or need, without playing small. During this session we will explore the obstacles that are getting in your way, and practices that can help you deliver the most important messages in your life.

By registered users: 10
Bahar Nagi
May 27, 2024, 09:00

Working with priorities of the body , to assist the body and mind to communicate , synchronise , and heal .
Light tapping on the head (brain), sternum (heart) and gut brain helps facilitate the change by the body .

BodyTalk is a simple yet powerful way to communicate directly with our bodies, finding out what really lies at the core of our physical or emotional symptoms. Combining modern science with traditional healing methods, BodyTalk gently encourages our systems to reveal what needs to be addressed.

Really big changes can be made without having to relive the past or make huge efforts, simply by asking the body what is going on right now. By tapping into the innate healing wisdom within each of us, BodyTalk stimulates recovery, balance and good health on all levels. It can address all types of issues from physical, to emotional , to trauma, and is particularly useful in traumatic situations where we do not want to relive issues, but simply want to clear them and allow the body and mind to heal. All stressors affect the body mind unless and until they are addressed and shifted.

By registered users: 16
Personal Development Coaching
Teodora Iulia Paucean
May 27, 2024, 09:00
Communication Skills Coaching

This is for you if you are looking to improve your communication skills.

I help people improve their communication skills, by guiding them to reflect upon the barriers that are making it more difficult for them to communicate assertively in their relationships. Having a Master's Degree in Conflict Management, I help people deal better with conflicts that arise as a result of poor communication.

The sessions will be delivered via videocall.

The number of sessions included is flexible and will be tailored according to the client's needs.

When you do a booking, please book at least 1 day in advance.

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Distance Healing
Ruth Svakataly Daugherty
May 28, 2024, 09:00
Divine protection: 40 day Blueprint and opening of 12 timelines

During the session, you will receive the blueprint for 40 days and I will open 12 timelines for you.

Blueprint with Oronos® according to Natara®:

  • The blueprint protects you against 3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI, Bluebeam, MK Ultra, mind control, attack from lower frequency beings, and atomatic energies.

  • It speeds up your personal development. Part of your soulbook is opened with the blueprint. It brings divine order into your life.

  • With being reconnected to your blueprint in the quantum field clarity and peace start becoming more and more reality in your life.

  • The blueprint is divine love energy.


A timeline is like an energy portal. When a timeline of the future is opened then old timelines (like suffering, death, war, and destruction) are closed. A timeline is like an energy portal, an opening of a new consciousness. They are also accelerators and amplifiers for your life. The timelines will stay open in your life as long as they are needed. With the opened timelines of the future you can start living a life filled with joy, laughter, happiness and abundance.

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