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If you want find what is that in life that makes you happy and fulfilled you need to heal all levels of your existence- Body, Mind, and Spirit. We are all energy beings and fixing just a physical and emotional body will not resolve and answer all the questions that you might have about your health and life.

Like you experience pain, blockages and inflammation in physical body, equally blockages and mucus are built over the time in your energy field. Those energy blocks were formed due to emotional and spiritual conditioning during your childhood, while you were in mother womb, in some of your past lives or just simply transferred through generational DNA.
Energy healing allows release of our personal and ancestral stories that often keep us trapped in unhealthy, destructive, and unfulfilling lives.

As a Neo-Shamanic healer, I can help you uncover what are those hidden beliefs and conditioning that cause repetition of painful and destructive pattern in your life. I will guide you to identify and release what you have been unable to access because it has been too overwhelming, too painful or unacceptable. Energy healing will help you balance into full alignment of body, mind, and soul. Once back into alignment you will be able to see clearly what your life path is, dream big again and achieve your goals.

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Marijana is registered and qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist with a science background in Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Science. Her mission is to share how to use healing power of nature for balancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual health! She is focusing on the wellbeing of busy women, children, particularly anxiety management & gut health.

3 years of practice
On Core Spirit since October 2021

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