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(En Español) The Reading: Connect with your Spirit Guides, Akashic Records, etc

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My readings are very dynamic and profound. Don't worry if you don't know exactly what kind of reading you need. During all my sessions I connect with as many sources of information as I can to give you a more complete reading. I could also share exercises that benefit you and recommend other sessions. You will receive guidance, help and predictions.

These are the light sources that I will connect with:

* Akashic Records. * Spirit Guides. * Higher-Self * Tarot. * Chakras. * Soul. * Shadow side. * Aura. * Past lives / Karma. * And any being of light that has messages for you (relatives who have crossed, Totem animals …).

I do not sugarcoat the truth. I will give you all the messages as they come to me, whether they are good or bad.

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Fernando Albert, Psychic Medium Healer & Author. He dedicates himself to providing readings, healings, and coaching and teaching others. Fernando’s readings are unique because he follows his intuition instead of following specific rules. He is a vessel for Spirit to provide all the information without adding his personal opinion nor sugarcoating his readings Over 10000 Readings since 2008!

15 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021


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Fernando Albert
Jun 1, 2021

Hello :)

Either language is okay :) I do have the same listing in English here:

Fernando Albert
Jun 1, 2021

Hello! This is a reading session, but this listing is in Spanish. I also have it in English, if you prefer: —— In a reading I will connect with Spirit to provide guidance. To aid physical or mental health, it is better the healing session. The listing in English is: — For health advice, you will need to look up for a medical practitioner.

Michelle Collins
Jun 1, 2021

Hi! Does this session go in Spanish or in English language? Thank you in advance!

Joan Wilson
Jun 1, 2021

Hello! This is so exciting. I would like to know exactly how the session goes. Does this practice help to improve mental and physical health?
Thanks in advance!

$299 USD
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