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Emperor's Exercises Training (4 weeks)

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A 4-week training on how to fight Premature Ejaculation & Erectile Dysfunction.

Make your body your best friend, bring back the sexual energy potential from your youth; show your body what kind of male performance it is capable of! In this training, you will be personally coached by Lora 5 days of the week, for 4 weeks in a row, for a total of 20 sessions each lasting up to 30 minutes!
Erectile dysfunction affects over 18 million men in the US or 18.4% of the male population aged 20 years or older. But I have great news for you: Whatever condition you find your sexual health is now, it can be greatly enhanced by doing these Taoist practices daily for only 15 minutes a day!
These secret sexual exercises were shared with me by my Taoist Master teacher who spent a good chunk of his life in China; Thailand on his quest for the stuff that really worked. He visited and lived in hundreds of monasteries pursuing his goal of recuperating his own sexual health, vitality and regenerating his failing performance caused by sports injuries from many decades ago.
Just like the saying goes " You find what you're looking for", low and behold, his wish was granted and he was able to get a hold of the secret exercises and heal himself.

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Lora Al-Awar is International Intimacy Advisor and Expert in Sexual Alchemy, as well as a Professional Holistic practitioner with experience in therapeutic bodywork, meditation, and ancient Taoist energy/longevity practices. She is a Healing Tao USA Instructor with thousands of satisfied clients all over the world.

7 years of practice
On Core Spirit since August 2021

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$8000 USD
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$8000 USD