Karsai Nei Tsang For Sexual Health
Aug 26, 2021

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We need arousing, orgasmic energy for the healthy functioning of our beings.
That's why our sexual organs play a major role in our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. When the genitals suffer from blockages,our sexual energy is not free to circulate through the body, which is then deprived of this powerful healing energy.
There is a special Taoist practice of caring for our genitals and sexual organs, which we have neglected for far too long. It's called Karsai Nei Tsang. Karsai massage releases the blockages and sedimentation that cause poor blood flow to these areas so that men and women can regain healthy sexual function.
Through the use of Karsai massage many problems can be resolved, such as impotence, frequent and difficult urination, painful menstruation, painful intercourse, and low sexual libido.
Karsai Nei Tsang also helps to improve hormonal balance: when the circulatory flow in the genital area increases, hormones are more easily released. A healthy balance of hormones in turn stimulates sexual and brain functioning.
It is also effective in alleviating lower back pain, improving the body’s alignment, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, and increasing general vitality.
Have you ever experienced the benefits of this practice? Would you like to know more of it?
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