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Lora Al-Awar

Lora Al-Awar is Global Sexual Healer & Intimacy Coach, as well as a Professional Holistic practitioner with experience in therapeutic bodywork, meditation, and ancient Taoist practices. She is a Healing Tao USA Instructor who is passionate about helping men of all ages to overcome issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, among other sexual probems.
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About Lora Al-Awar

Lora Al-Awar is Global Sexual Healer & Intimacy Coach, as well as a Professional Holistic practitioner with experience in therapeutic bodywork, meditation, and ancient Taoist practices. She is a Healing Tao USA Instructor who is passionate about helping men of all ages to overcome issues like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, among other sexual probems.

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Lora Al-Awar
10 Surprising Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

Here are 10 shocking facts regarding erectile dysfunction that you probably didn't know.

  1. It's not just about achieving an erection.
    ED isn't simply about not being able to get an erection, however that is a defining feature of the disorder. The truth is that there are many degrees of ED that affect your ability to obtain and sustain an erection. This means that men with ED may be able to get an erection, but it won't sustain long enough to engage in sexual activity.

  2. In terms of numbers
    If you think you're alone in your struggle, the reality that ED affects 52 percent of men in the United States may provide some comfort. ED is more common as people get older. For example, 40% of men in their 40s have ED, while 70% of men in their 70s have it. However, age isn't always a factor.

  3. It's not always about your age.
    When it comes to the young and robust, ED does not discriminate. According to studies, 25% of men under the age of 40 have erection problems, while just 5% have full-blown ED.

  4. Erectile dissatisfaction (ED) is a term used to describe erectile dysfunction.
    In technical terms, ED is a problem that prevents you from obtaining or sustaining an erection due to a mental or physical issue. However, many men associate a lack of sex satisfaction with ED. If your sex life isn't what it used to be and you're losing interest, it could be a case of discontent rather than erectile dysfunction.

  5. It's in your blood
    Many occurrences of ED are associated with vascular issues. Blood fills the vessels in your penis when you have an erection. If you have a cardiovascular problem that causes your blood arteries to become clogged or impaired, it can make it difficult to get an erection. Circulatory difficulties in every region of your body, including your penis, are caused by conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes.

  6. It's all about how you live.
    Your sexual health, as well as your overall health, is greatly influenced by your lifestyle patterns. Tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption are undeniably associated to ED. Obesity, or carrying too much weight, can also cause erection problems. On these fronts, the good news is that you can take control of your health by reducing alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, and losing weight.

  7. In your head
    Because getting an erection is as much a mental as it is a physical process, ED may become a problem if you've been through a traumatic event or are under a lot of stress. Men who suffer from melancholy, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder frequently express their dissatisfaction with their ED.

  8. Hormonal imbalance
    Your testosterone levels influence your sexual health in a variety of ways, the most important of which is how they affect your libido. Low testosterone levels can contribute to a lack of sex drive, which can lead to ED.

  9. Breaking up
    While it is uncommon, men's penises can "crack," causing major difficulties in obtaining an erection. The break is essentially a bursting of your blood vessels, which can be quite painful and cause swelling.

  10. There's more to life than pills
    There are a number of natural options available to you if you have ED that you may not be aware of. To restore your sexual health, we can utilize healing of the trauma, Karsai Nei Tsang genital bodywork, and lifestyle adjustments once we've identified the underlying problem.

Lora Al-Awar
What Is Tantra?

The Kama Sutra, the classical Indian text on the art of Love, enumerates the 64 arts. The text advises that these should be studying along with the Kama Sutra, preferably under the guidance of a teacher. These arts and sciences include singing, music, dancing, writing, drawing, painting, sewing, reading, recitation, poetry, sculpture, gymnastics, games, flower arranging, physical sports, martial arts, cooking, decoration, perfumery, gardening, mimicry, mental exercises, languages, mineralogy, etiquette, carpentry, magic, chemistry, gambling, architecture, logic, charm making, household management, disguise, and plus many related to the culture in time.

The Indian texts on love suggest that both men and women should be well-versed in as many of the 64 arts as possible. Here are the main reasons as to why these arts should be studied. First, a person who is accomplished in them is automatically given an honorable place in society.

Second, one can more easily win over the subject of desire, be it husband, wife, or lover, and provide more fulfillment. Third, a single person can easily be self-supporting by the application of these skills.

Indeed, without these modes of expression, our existence would be boring and restrictive. There is no Western equivalent of the Kama Sutra. And perhaps, for this reason, sex as an art form, has yet to mature in the Western world.
Social repression and internalized guilt have prevented modern-day people in the West from a joyous exploration of sexuality. Practically all, that the present-day society offers in this area is pornography or clinical sex manuals, so filled with anatomical details and "techniques", that they would be enough to get a person turned off from sex for life.

One result of this repression is human sexual perversion. The sexual act is rarely tastefully portrayed in Western art or literature. We, as a society, either reject sex altogether or accept the mediocre treatment of it.

Ancient Vedic societies did not consider sex apart from spirituality. The sex act was honored and intimately connected with the other arts. Men and women alike study the Kama Sutra and similar texts.

All variations of sexual positions were portrayed in the temples and venerated as ideals. The entire range of erotic art and literature was considered a normal and respectable subject of study in the privacy of the home.

Celibacy, monogamy, polygamy, and polyandry all had a place in ancient Vedic culture. The 64 Arts should be conceived as the Paths of creative energy. They are the emanations of the Goddess. They can be likened to the flames of an inner sun, blazing from the Solar Plexus. Burning up all negativity, these flames purify the psyche and bring about an inner transformation.

The physical body is the temple of this soul, the microcosm of the universe. All the cosmic principles are found within this temple. All the elements, space, air, water, fire, and earth, are found within the body. The art of worship in the Temple of the body consists in focusing the creative attitude by channeling the sexual energy upward. This energy, experienced as an ecstatic thrill, rises up from the sexual region and flares at the solar plexus.

The 64 vital flames burn up all the negativity and purify the psychic pathways. This process manifests as the ecstatic emotion which no words can describe. The sexual experience becomes more potent through knowledge of the psychic pathways. One can consciously experience orgasm and illumination by practicing the secret Tantric techniques. The inner process of "self-worship" in the Temple of the Body" takes place on every level, from the physical to the most subtle.

It is important to regard the body as a temple. The bodily temple should be kept clean, healthy and harmonious, to respect the divinity within. By worshipping in the Temple of the Body during love-making, all desires are fulfilled. That sensual love as an act of great magical and spiritual power is one of the main principles of Tantra.

Lora Al-Awar
What Is Karsai Nei Tsang?

Karsai Nei Tsang is a traditional form of therapeutic genital healing and detox bodywork (also called sexual organs detox therapy) originating and exercised in Thailand and applied for both men and women. Karsai was popularized by Master Mantak Chia, who integrated the practice in his so-called Universal Healing Tao System (UHT).

The healing modality is closely related to Chi Nei Tsang, which is a therapeutic healing work for the abdominal area and internal organs. In fact, Karsai is a specific specialization of Chi Nei Tsang with a more precise focus on the genital organs. “Karsai” means sedimentation in the veins and “Nei Tsang” means working on or transforming the internal organs.

The goal of a Karsai treatment is to cleanse, stimulate and heal the genital and reproductive system by dissolving sediment clogging in the blood vessels (crystal-like sedimentation, toxins, and fat deposits) and releasing tensions and blockages in the genital system.
Blockages can cause organs to malfunction, notably the kidneys, bladder, liver, spleen, pancreas, lung, prostate gland, testicles, ovaries, uterus, and vagina.

The result of cleansing the genital system is an improvement of blood circulation in the body and specifically, blood flow into the genitals and genital area, which benefits functions such as sexual arousal, sexual vitality, and balanced hormonal release, with the latter specifically stimulating the sexual and reproductive capacity and functions.

Karsai Nei Tsang becomes particularly important for men and women over forty (when blockages and sedimentations start to happen more frequently) and for anyone in general who feels sexually blocked or has fertility issues. On the whole, one could say that Karsai Nei Tsang aims at health issues associated with the sexual organs and sexuality, frequent and difficult urination, premature ejaculation, problems having or maintaining an erection, fertility problems, prostate problems, menopause, ovarian cysts, impotency, painful menstruation or painful intercourse, painful scar tissue after giving birth, and low sexual libido.

On an emotional level, it’s clear that better sex life, whether connected to reproduction or perhaps rather to sensuality and eroticism, results in significant stress relief and a better, more happy, and balanced person. In addition, emotional issues due to a sexually repressive childhood or upbringing can be resolved.

As with Chi Nei Tsang, the relaxation or reduction of muscle tension, knots, tangles, and twists in the abdominal and pelvic area can release old trauma (sexual or otherwise) that was bound into cell tissue. Additionally, Karsai Genital massage is said to alleviate lower back pains, and stimulate a better memory, while improving body alignment, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, overall resulting in a better general vitality and fitness.

When done well, a Karsai session is preceded by a Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal treatment, slowly moving in deeper into the genital area.
The treatment can engage in only external work in the groin, lymphatic glands, or can include internal work also. This counts for both men and women.

For men work is done internally on the prostate and externally on the testicles and scrotum. Work is also done around the anus.
Needless to say, Karsai is not a sensual erotic massage. Moreover, sometimes it can be painful. Note also that the treatment may bring up unpleasant past memories and feelings. Nevertheless, a session may provoke an orgasm or ejaculation, which is fully accepted if it happens during the treatment and is nothing to be ashamed of.

General contraindications for the Karsai treatment are active menstruation, recent surgery, a cardiac pacemaker, pregnancy, alcohol intoxication, fever, or active cancer. As with Chi Nei Tsang, it’s also advised not to eat two to three hours before the session (drinking is no problem).

Lora Al-Awar
Premature Ejaculation Case Study
My client James suffered from PE (Premature Ejaculation) all of his adult life. He is now 30, and the problem was not going away. Meeting women became an issue: during penetrative sex he was only able to last about 30 seconds. Feeling desperate, he was reluctant to have intercourse, he usually opted for oral interaction rather than anything else, to avoid the shame.
He called me to see what we could do to help him. I suggested that he starts a 5-week long training geared towards resolving Premature Ejaculation, called “Sexual Mastery”. James was willing to try anything at this point. In fact, he was eager to start the very same day, and we did.
I created the “Sexual Mastery” training to teach men how to control their sexual energy utilizing the Vedic, Tantric, and Taoist techniques that are not readily available to the Western population at large. So much of the true knowledge about our sexuality is hidden by centuries of religious dogma; everything is upside down these days. 99.9% of modern people tend to think that it is normal to ejaculate at the end of the intercourse and that it is normal to not be in control of your sexual energy. I am committed in my work to change this attitude and to reveal the wisdom of Vedic, Tantric, and Taoist techniques.
I searched for this lost information high and low: in my own Vedic body of knowledge, as well as in the Tantric and Taoist traditions around the world. This was how the Sexual Mastery training was born. It consists of one-on-one coaching sessions, once a week, for one hour at a time. I give my clients homework for the rest of the week. It is important to practice the newly learned skill, first by yourself, then with your partner.
We start with the Tantric way of controlling the ejaculation, this is the foundation. You get to practice it in the very first session. It is so achievable, so far all of my clients have succeeded. When practiced, it becomes second nature, you start to embody the new skill. By the time we reach the end of the course, everybody gets it. Afterwards you have complete ejaculatory control, it’s your call to decide if and when you want to ejaculate. Some clients tell me how they compare their life BEFORE they learned the new skill, and AFTER. This is a true game-changer!
James was practicing every day. He was becoming very good at ejaculation control and the practice of non-ejaculation. This way, he was conserving his sexual energy, which in Tantric and Taoist philosophy is believed to be the life-force energy. As a result he started to notice that he wasn’t getting tired at the end of his workday anymore. He didn’t need as many hours of sleep at night, either.
He became aware that the daily practice allowed him to infuse his body with enough sexual energy and stopped feeling desperate about finding a girl. The usual feelings of hopelessness, shame, and frustration left. In their place feelings of self-worth, contentment, and fulfillment became the new norm. We were also able to address James's feelings of shame, low self-worth, and insecurity that stemmed from his childhood years.
In my practice I become excited for all my clients who find such freedom, joy, and satisfaction in their sexual exploration. My wish is for every man to know their power, the potential they hold within them, and what is possible when they have the knowledge and skills to tap into it!
Lora Al-Awar
How To Fix Erectile Dysfunction Naturally: Case Study
**###### "I told Lora when I made my Karsai appointment with her, that sometimes things "worked", and sometimes they didn't. I woke up the morning following my first Karsai Nei Tsang session, and things were in the "Up" position. This has not happened to me since I was in my twenties! (I am now 57). Then the next morning, the same thing. And then every morning since. This is when I emailed Lora to schedule another KARSAI session, asap!” Billy T., Myrtle Beach, NC
This was one of my first testimonials when I started to practice deep pelvic floor work for erectile issues. And Billy was one of my first clients. At the time he was a single guy with a steady girlfriend. He was in good shape for his age, even though he smoked a lot. He ate at fast-food restaurants and was not exactly a healthy lifestyle kind of a person.
Honestly, I did not expect this kind of response from Billy: a single 2,5-hour session worked miracles! It both intrigued and inspired me. The more hands-on work I was doing with my clients, the more I noticed how everyone was responding differently. With some men, one session was enough, and with some other ones, it would take more sessions. I started to see some big shifts when I coupled bodywork sessions with mental re-wiring or deprogramming, as well as working with past traumas.
Aaron booked a 5-hour long session with me. He had been suffering from Erectile Dysfunction ever since his divorce 12 years ago. His ex-wife accused him of sexually abusing their two little girls, a set of 3-year old twins. He didn’t do it and felt absolutely horrible. Nothing terrible happened, the judge believed him, and he went on having a “normal” life, however, the erectile function never came back.
Since then, he only had one relationship that lasted 2 years, but it failed due to sexual reasons. To avoid frustration and shame, Aaron never wanted to get involved with another woman again.
I was guided to take Aaron to the past life where he first met his ex-wife, to get to the bottom of that situation, and to nip it in the bud, so to say. Aaron saw himself as a Catholic priest who sexually abused little children. Such was the case with his ex-wife who happened to be in a body of a little girl. He saw abusing her a few times. We looked at one more past life when he was connected to her again, that time she was his mother, and he was a little boy who was abused by her.
We healed both lifetimes and did a lot of forgiveness work on his ex-wife in this lifetime, and other lifetimes. His sexual function is now slowly coming back. He is open to doing more mental/energy work to further heal past life trauma and abuse.
The reason the medical profession is unsuccessful with treating these types of disorders is that the underlying reasons lie in other realms, in this case in past lives. Reincarnation is real, we do not come here as a blank slate. If we look at this problem holistically and approach it on all three levels {mental, emotional, and physical), we have a much better chance at resolving the issue and get lasting stable results.**
Lora Al-Awar
Karsai Nei Tsang For Sexual Health
We need arousing, orgasmic energy for the healthy functioning of our beings.
That's why our sexual organs play a major role in our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. When the genitals suffer from blockages,our sexual energy is not free to circulate through the body, which is then deprived of this powerful healing energy.
There is a special Taoist practice of caring for our genitals and sexual organs, which we have neglected for far too long. It's called Karsai Nei Tsang. Karsai massage releases the blockages and sedimentation that cause poor blood flow to these areas so that men and women can regain healthy sexual function.
Through the use of Karsai massage many problems can be resolved, such as impotence, frequent and difficult urination, painful menstruation, painful intercourse, and low sexual libido.
Karsai Nei Tsang also helps to improve hormonal balance: when the circulatory flow in the genital area increases, hormones are more easily released. A healthy balance of hormones in turn stimulates sexual and brain functioning.
It is also effective in alleviating lower back pain, improving the body’s alignment, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, and increasing general vitality.
Have you ever experienced the benefits of this practice? Would you like to know more of it?
Lora Al-Awar
Tok Sen Thai Traditional Tendon Massage
Do you often feel pain and discomfort in the body, specifically in the tendons?
This problem could be resolved with the help of a muscle-tendon-meridian massage Tok Sen.
It is performed with the use of wooden tools that create resonance and vibration for healing.
Tok Sen is a unique healing modality found only in the Lanna region of Thailand.🇭 It dates back over 5000 years, developing in Thailand while acupuncture developed in China.
Tok means to «clear», while Sen denotes the energy lines. Tok Sen helps to improve energy flow, relieve aching muscles, and maintain healthy tendons.
How it works? Wooden tools send mechanical and sound vibrations deep into the fascia, tendons, and muscles to clear blocked energy from the channels in the body.
If you would like to experience this massage to heal yourself, book a healing Tok Sen session with Lora Al-Awar today!
You will experience:
Sound vibrations working on fascial and muscular tissues
Your body's meridian lines opening to facilitate the movement of prana life-force energy.
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