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Dream interpretation

$10 USD

Do you often dream and don't understand what it means?
Do you see your dead loved ones appear to you in your dreams and try to communicate and you need answers?
Do you see somethings that are puzzling in your dreams.
Do you feel that there is more to what you dream about?
Dreams are often a reflection of your spirit mind.
Dreams affect your physical life in ways that you may not understand.
Dreams are an important part of being alive and often give you answers to every day problems.
Having the gift of the Holy Spirit also came with the gift of dream interpretation.
I can help you with your dreams and make you live a more fulfilled life.
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Hi, I am a Pastor, Writer and Speaker who is gifted in the gift of the Holy Spirit to bring healing and prophetic word of knowledge into your life.
Are you sick or depressed? Do you need to hear from God about your life? Are you confused and need guidance or direction about life? Are you in a relationship that seems not to work? Whatever situations you find yourself in life, there is a way out

25 years of practice
On Core Spirit since July 2021

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Dear Anastasia, sleep paralysis can be caused by a lot of things and yes I will be able to speak to you about your dreams if we have a one and one session. I have to hear what you dreamt about to determine what it means.
Pst Luck

Loya Griff
Jul 24, 2021

Do you know something about sleep paralysis? Or brownie in a dream, what does this mean? You can speak about it with me?

$10 USD
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